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Energetically Getting Ready to Conceive


A lot of women who have readings with me ask questions regarding pregnancy. Either I see they are already pregnant and they want to know how the pregnancy will go. Or they might not be pregnant or have prospects of having a partner to become pregnant with, so they want a psychic reading to discuss this further. Sometimes I’ll read for a client that has been having a hard time conceiving and they want information on that situation. I will say that for any spirit to come down to this planet the energies have to be right, and there are things you can do to increase the likelihood of pregnancy from an energetic perspective. I have included below a few tips I give my clients to help them with conceiving.


Make The Womb and Inviting Place – I know this might sound like a strange metaphor but the womb is kinda like the bedroom for your unborn child. As we all know we like to be in bedrooms that warm, safe, and inviting. So the first thing you can do is make sure you take care of your body so it has the best bedroom to house an unborn spirit. I do tell clients to first off look after and take care of health, and eat right with the proper level of exercise. When you get to know your body and take care of it you’ll start to feel impulses on when it might be a good time to try to conceive with your partner, and you’ll know the signals your body will give you to help with your goal of getting pregnant.


Take Care of Stress – Stress and anxiety are really rough on anyone. But for a women trying to conceive a child this can be almost like poison to the body making pregnancy even that much harder. So do be mindful to take care of your stress. Ever hear those stories of a couple trying so hard to conceive, they take a trip overseas and come back pregnant? That’s because they were easy and carefree which provided the right conditions for a pregnancy. So do things that help you unwind and relax. Whether that’s meditation or a nice bath. It might even be that you’re stressing so much about having a baby that maybe you need a vacation or at least a night off. A lot of my clients report being able to conceive once they are able to just relax and let go of things they are holding onto so tightly.


Get Your Home Ready – A lot of the time the thing that can be blocking you from having a baby is that the baby doesn’t have a place to be! So if your home is too small, or has too much clutter or if you don’t have a good spot for baby, now is the time to change things not when you are pregnant. You know the expression dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Well this is sort of like that, get your home ready for baby and you’ll be able to bring baby home. A lot of my clients who do this, report back getting pregnant quickly thereafter. The spirit of a soul wants to be where it is wanted, so preparing the space and acting as if can help move the energy along.


Spiritually Connect – One thing I have clients do as a meditation exercise is to sit down and imagine connecting to the soul of their unborn child. This can look like anything your mind can conceive. Some of my clients envision holding a child in their arms. Other imagine themselves talking to a glowing orb and knowing that it is the spirit of their child coming down to earth to greet them. I’ve had clients visualize themselves in the future with the spirit of their child all grown up and taking them to college. Just the act of these visualizations help to create the connection of yourself to baby, and that can help bring the energy to you faster as you plan to bring a new life to this planet.

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