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Good Luck

It’s the new year, and a lot of people celebrate good luck rituals on the eve of a new year. For this blog we want to discuss some good luck rituals you can do year round that are going to help you continue to bring in opportunity to you. Now, when when I talk about good luck I’m really talking about the principle behind it. It is said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and I firmly believe that. So these good luck rituals are not meant to side step the hard work that is still required to meet your goals, but they help you hone in on providing opportunities for you to prepare for so you are ready to strike when the moment is right.

Here are a few good luck rituals I like to do and have recommended to my clients:

Salt Water Cure– What I love about this good luck ritual is it is a “set it and forget it” approach. Once you complete it there is very little maintenance work. I myself find that the negativity literally gets sucked out of the room, and also my clients have reported just completing this ritual makes them feel lighter.

Universe Box– This one is great to help you let go of your worries and trouble. I like this one because it really helps you work with your intuitive gut but also your guides to figure out what you can control in this life and work on actions towards this, and what you have to let go of and let the universe solve for you trusting the universe knows best. You might ask why I consider it a good luck ritual, and the answer is that I consider it such because luck a lot of times is what we make it and when we get out of our own way we can get luckier just by pointing our attention towards the things we can control and forgetting about the rest of it and allowing things to be solved in a lucky manner.

Cleaning Your Home– When you clean and organize your home you remove all the trapped negativity and bring in fresh abundant energy. This helps to bring a space for luck to happen. When your home is clean and especially void of any negative or past energy we see how much more lucky we become because essentially we are allowing our arms to be open so the universe can provide more luck towards the things that are important in our lives that we want to fill our space with.

Sage – Saging your space is great to get rid of negativity so you can allow positive good luck to enter your space. One way to really help to increase the lucky vibration in the room is to chant a positive good luck affirmation prayer. You can say something like, “I am a lucky person” or “Good luck follows me wherever I go.” Remember, the affirmation just has to connect with you, and if you don’t believe it at first that’s okay, just keep practicing and you’ll find yourself starting to feel luckier and attract more luck to you.

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