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Energetically Heal Depression


With everything going on in the world it’s very easy to see why so many people are falling into a depression. Depression in my viewpoint happens when the energy in our body reaches low vibrations. This happens for many different reasons. In this post I want to share a few ways you can energetically heal your depression and how to understand it better so you can use the energy to help propel you forward positively in life.

Just Be – The first technique is to just understand and name the energy you are feeling. In a way you’re making friends with this energy, you are naming it without shaming it. Here you are just learning to accept and understand your depression, make it a part of you but not the whole of you. By learning to be with the energy you’re accepting it which in and of itself is a positive step forward. Again, the goal is not to feel worse about it, but to just see it for what it is, almost as if the depression was a true friend of yours that you are looking to emotionally support.


Be in Nature – The next step is to be out in nature. Nature is natural healing medicine, and just the idea of being in nature can be soothing and healing. When you’re depressed you won’t want to do this, you’ll probably not even want to go outside, but just the act of going outside even for a walk around the block is a positive step forward, and the more positive steps forward you make the more you build a positive mindset.


Be Present – The ego is what is the ultimate thing that is keeping you in depression. Depression is not who you are, it’s something that is happening to you. So the best thing you can do is separate this for what it is and know you are not the depression. So try to just be in the moment without the ego. The past is not something you can control, the future is out of your control, but the present moment is where the learning happens. The more you can be present in the moment the more you’ll start to gain insights you have not previously had.


Learn Lessons – The depression in you funny enough is trying to teach you something, it’s trying to either protect you or push your attention towards something, so it’s time to listen to it. Imagine your depression is a child, what is it wanting from you? It’s time to listen to this part of you and understand the messages behind it.


Seek Help – Depression is not a sign of you not being strong enough or capable of handling life. Depression is like any other physical illness such as diabetes. If you had diabetes you would have no shame going to the doctor for treatment, the same is for depression. If you feel that it is interacting with your life in a negative way preventing you from moving forward, do seek professional help. Remember, just because you seek help medically and/or professionally for depression, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be on the same treatment plan forever. Your energy changes regularly with your thoughts, and so does your external behavior so keep working towards better mental health for yourself.


Hopefully these ideas will spark something in you that will help you move forward. The goal is not to live without depression you’re not trying to eliminate it, instead you’re learning how to live with it as a part of you needing acknowledgment.

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