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Why It’s Important To Live In The Present


How many of us actually live regularly in the present? From the amount of clients I read for, I would venture to say not many. Many of us are always living in any other state than that of the present. Either we are stuck in the past, looking or planning for the future, or we might be trapped in a moment of time of trauma from the past that we play on loop. What if I was to tell you that I have helped clients heal and be able to live their lives happy and in the moment, truly enjoying their existence on this planet, would you like that? In this post, I discuss ways you can live in the present and what are some benefits of doing so.


All We Have Is Presence – When you really think about it we don’t have anything else but the present. The present is a series of moments we are moving through, that’s it. We all are on the same spinning earthly globe going through our own series of moments. The past is just that a moment that passed, like watching a movie and now it’s in the history of your mind under the category, “watched” this is what the moment is. The future as we know is not yet here so we can’t count on that. But being in the moment helps to clarify your world and make it easier to understand. This doesn’t mean each moment is always great, but just being able to identify these moments and move through them allows you to release any pain and fear from the past and the future to create more presence and meaning for yourself and loved ones.


Think About The Children – I feel like one reason a lot of people choose to have children is for the sheer perspective they bring. They are beings of light from the other side untouched or tampered with seeing everything with presence. They get excited seeing bubbles for the first time, and so you get excited once again seeing bubbles. Ice cream is the best thing on the planet, and so you remember how much you love ice cream especially when you’re not worrying about the calories attached. Presence within children allows them to be our teaches on how to remain and be present. As I’m sure you’ve seen being present with your children or in the presence of children, they allow you to be free. Freedom is what we all strive for and to obtain true freedom we have to realize it doesn’t come from the next of a person, place, or thing. Freedom comes from presence, and not caring about anything but bubbles and ice cream, at least for the moment.


Practicing Presence Makes Perfect – First off I want to say perfection is an illusion, this is a constraint we place on something, someone, or ourselves. There is no perfection because nothing is broken, and to be perfect means something is without flaws, but what if those flaws didn’t really exist to begin with, and instead they were just actions or thoughts of energy moving through. What if we learned to how be present and allow these moments of thought to pass through us, we would essentially obtain perfect presence. So how do we do this? There really is no secret, it’s practicing being in the moment. This can look different for many people. For some this can be in the moments of meditation. For others this can be in the moments of exercise or lost in a good movie or conversation with a loved one. It is all part of perfect presence, and doing this helps move through stuck energy bringing renewed energy to our minds and bodies.

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