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How To Let Go Of Past Relationships

Letting Go

As we head into the holiday season, it’s a time where many of us reflect back on the year had. Many of my clients have had a lot of life changes, and that includes breakups with those they love. Some of these breakups were easy to handle, say if they only dated for a few months (yet still confusing nonetheless), and other clients dealt with relationships that ended after many years of being together.

A lot of my clients ask me how do they let go of someone they love who doesn’t love them back, or how do they continue to move on, especially if they feel in their heart the person who they had the break up with is truly the one for them. I’m going to list out below the best advice I give to my clients, in hopes that you as well can benefit from this, and clear out your negative love energy. This way you’ll be able to start the new year off right, and potentially attract new and proper love energy to you.

Take The Time Needed To Grieve The Relationship – Whether the relationship was only for a few months or maybe a few years you’re going to need to grieve it. It’s going to hurt and you’ll feel sad for a little while. This is time you need to give yourself and it’s a step in the process of letting go of energy from past relationships. I always suggest to my clients that they journal or type out whatever it is they feel about the relationship at any given time. If they are sad, mad, feeling regretful, or any other feelings associated with it, just write these out so you can process and release it. There is no set time for you to grieve or get over the relationship, everyone has their own timing. However, there is a difference between grieving the relationship and wallowing in it, and at a certain point you need to get back up, dust yourself off and move forward.

Learn The Lessons – Each relationship is meant to be a teacher for us, to teach us something about ourselves or other people. So think about the past relationship very carefully, what have you learned? What lessons have you learned about yourself, and what lessons have you learned about the other person? You will not be the same person before a relationship and after one, so it’s a good idea to process the lessons learned so you take these and become better or more knowledgeable for your next relationship.

Meditate and Sage – Letting go of the energy from a past relationship is not easy, and much of the time the energy of a past relationship though you mentally have let it go, can still be stuck in your vibration. So I always encourage my clients to meditate or pray, and sage the energy away. Remember, what you’re trying to do here is become whole as you are and let go of any negative energy associated with the past relationship. This is not a time to place judgement on yourself or the other person in the relationship, it is simply the time to let things go. So throw on some calming music, sit in a comfortable position, and as a starting point you can repeat this mantra over and over, “I am letting go of the past energy with my past partner, may I wish them the best, and I let go of any negative energy built up from that relationship, I release it.” Then be sure to sage the area you meditate in regularly.

Patience and Time – The only remedy to get over a break up is patience and time. Yes, it might hurt right now, but if you do your job right to learn the lessons from the past, change things for the better, and let go of the negative energy associated with the relationship, the good news is you won’t bring that past experience into your next relationship. The way you’ll know if you did it right will be that you will attract a different type of person or energy to you. Many times when I read for clients they might have relationships with different people, but they seem to attract the same energy to them and have a similar experience or relationship, just with different people. When you truly clear this energy you are able to see different relationships come into your experience, and you’ll have more positive connections.

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