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Working With Other People

working with others

I think we all take it for granted that working with people should be easy and not stressful. However, whether it is our family, friends, romantic partner, business partner, or co-workers and boss it can be stressful and difficult to work with other people – especially if they’re not aligned or don’t see things the way we do.

To help with this, we’re going to take a look at some of the better ways I’ve been able to help and advise my clients through universal spirit messages on how they can work with others better to create the best relationships no matter in what capacity.

Understand You Are The Same and Different – No matter who it is you are working with or trying to get along with, understand they do have similarities to you. The saying goes that we’re all a lot more alike than we are different. We all want love, we all want acceptance, we all want happiness, etc. So if you can first look at the other person in this light it might make things easier and smooth in terms of working with them to know that you are in this together. Next, realize you are different. You have different beliefs, were raised in a different way, think differently, and it is all of these things that make meeting others and working with others so great as we get to learn and grow because of them.

Everyone Is A Teacher – When you’re dealing with a particular person or situation you find very stressful, do remember this is a teacher and universe is bringing you a lesson. Whether you need to learn to be more patient, learn how to handle a social situation in a different way, or if you just need to learn to listen, the people that are brought into our lives are all meant to teach us something we just need to be open to the lesson.

See The Win/Win For Everyone – If you’re trying to negotiate or work to complete something together with someone and are finding things difficult, try to put yourself in their shoes, really see what is the win in it for them in the situation. Why should they lean your way and do things your way, or what do you think their goals are and is there a way you can align with them to complete whatever it is you’re looking to accomplish with the other person. When we take the “I” cap off our heads and put on our thinking caps to see things in a different light, it can help bring out different solutions which can help make working with others easier.

Communicate In The Right Way – There is lots of talk that we all have to communicate. The problem is many of us truly don’t know how. We think because we are talking with someone else that means we are communicating. However, there is a right way and a not so great way to communicate. First off listen, more than half of communication should be listening, just the fact the other person is heard makes for better communication. Then come at problems with solutions in a way that shows your best motives for the other person and a solution. Talk about why you might be vulnerable, what really might truly be bothering you, always be open to express that this is just your viewpoint and perspective, and after some clear communication your perspective can change. This is why communication is so very important, it is a skill and not just one that can be learned quickly, it takes time to build and learn how to do correctly, but it is very worth it when we do communicate effectively.

When you put these steps and thoughts into action, and focus on going into every situation with others with a clear and positive intent the inner workings of working with others can be great experiences. We won’t always know what to do or handle things perfectly, however, we will get better and progress and it’s the soul’s journey to always be learning and doing better and that’s all we can expect from ourselves and others.

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