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Forgiving The Bad Things That Happen To You


We’ve all been there, you’re just going along you day and wham you get hit with information that has you questioning if the universe is fair. Maybe you’ve been stabbed in the back by a friend or co-worker, maybe you’ve learned some information you wish you didn’t know, or maybe it’s something more serious like an illness, career issues or money issues. That being said these are the things that make us question the cosmic correctness of the universe. It makes us question who we are and what we are doing on this planet, and what is the purpose of this. 

Below are the universal messages that have come through that help my clients deal with situations like this:

It’s Happening For You – When things happen to us that are out of our control these are the things that make us question ourselves, our paths in this life, and everything else that comes with it. This is also the time to realize things are happening for you not to you. I know it can be very tough to see this in the moment, and sometimes the lessons come years and years from now, but if we can hold out some hope that the puzzle is all going to come together eventually, it can make the painful time more manageable knowing it is all not lost and there is a reason.

Forgiving Yourself – This is something I say a lot but it always bears repeating. We need to forgive ourselves and forgive those around us. If we hold onto grudges when people or situations happen to us it just poisons ourselves. Holding on the anger and not forgiving takes our life force away, it directs our energy to the negative. Instead if we can first forgive ourselves for anything that we feel we could have done better (even if the forgiveness is that we didn’t see something sooner, or we wished we were smarter about the situation) this can help move us forward in a positive way. 

It’s All Temporary – The pain and sadness you feel right now will go away or at least be lessened. I can’t give you an exact time period because it depends on the situation and individual. Some situations are easier to forgive and others are more tough, but if we know it will get better (and it is going to get better) it can give us the strength to keep going. 

When You’re Going Through It – There is a great saying by Sir Winston Churchill that when you’re going through hell to keep going, and I truly believe this. Knowing the things from above can help you keep moving forward as best you can. Some days you won’t be able to do this and that is okay. Other days it’ll feel like you’re crawling forward and that is okay too. Other days you’ll be sprinting, just take each day as it comes. If you’re mad and angry at someone or the universe one day and it’s hard to forgive that is okay, work on it, and see where you are in another day, a week, or a year. The trick is to keep going, never give up, and keep moving in a forward direction. 

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