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The Keys To Law of Attraction

law of attraction

You’ve probably heard the term “law of attraction” thrown around a lot. The idea of thoughts becoming tangible things, and the idea that if you can think it in your mind you can create it in reality. Well I have seen this first hand with myself and my experiences, as well as with my clients. The problem is there is so much information and misinformation out there about the concept, that it sounds a lot more complicated to practicewave. While in theory it is easy to practice in terms of the actual steps, getting to the point where you’re really able to imagine this is the hard part and that is the part you need to focus on and feel within yourself.

Below are the steps I find most helpful for my clients to get them into the attraction mood and attracting what it is that they want.

Why You Want To Attract – Law of attraction is very feelings-based, so what you think you will receive. So for example if you say you want a partner and you want love, but you haven’t worked on the subconscious mind and any sort of lingering love wounds from the past, you might want this attraction in theory, but you’re not feeling it in your body, and that can make things messy when you’re sending out your vibration to attract what you want. Your mind and heart need to be on the same wavelength to attract what you want, so be sure to clean up your mental subconscious first before you start to work on the attraction.

Be Specific – It’s not enough to just say I want more money, which in itself is a negative attraction because you’re just stating you want the more of money so you’ll get more of what you want which is wanting of money. Instead be specific with the feelings or the end result of what it is you want to attract. So for example, if you are looking for more money, think about what you want to do with it? What are the feelings this will give you? Is it so you can take care of your children better or go on a trip? It doesn’t matter what it is for, just imagine the feelings of having it and what the end result would bring you.

You Can Attract Anything – The hardest part of the law of attraction is your own mental limitations. If you think what you are trying to attract is too big or hard to attract, then it will be. So start off small to test the attraction muscles to get to where you want to be. So for example, try to attract a cup of coffee or a favourite restaurant or food item. Imagine yourself enjoying this and just enjoy the feelings of it, then see how the universe attracts it to you.

Don’t Worry About The How – Too many of us are worried how something is going to come about and that is not your job. The universe has their own way of bringing things to us and it is our job to allow this to happen. Your job is just to imagine the feelings of what you want, really state why you want it, get really clear on what it is that you want and let it go and go about your day. Look at it like placing an Amazon order, you did the research online, you found what it is that you want to order, you made the order. Then you go about your day and wait for it to come in, no more effort needed.

The biggest takeaway with law of attraction is it is all about how you feel in order to get what you want. So if you are feeling negative or anything other than happy or positive and hopeful, do what you can to raise your vibration, raising your vibration will raise your ability to get what you want using law of attraction.

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