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Finding Your Soulmate – A Psychic’s Perspective

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The idea of meeting your perfect match is the dream fantasy that everyone would like to fulfill with their soulmate. The problem is when you yourself aren’t ready to receive this perfect union.

In my experience I find that true love is usually a representation of self love. The more that you love yourself and treat yourself well, the better you are able to accept love and achieve the type of partnership you are seeking.

Below I have listed the best pieces of advice I have been able to offer my clients in the area of finding love with their perfect partner.

Sometimes There Is No Soulmate – We like to think that we have one person out there with whom we share this kindred bond. Sometimes though, it’s nice to think that there can be multiple people out there with whom we connect with. I once heard peopel enter your life for a season, reason, or lifetime. This is nice to meditate on and it means that not always are people suppose to be there for life but to teach us and make us better, then move on. The idea is that if we can accept that we can have multiple soulmates, and the fact that we might not know what our soulmate looks like we can accept more opportunities to love and be loved. A soulmate should be someone that challenges you to be better and inspires you. Depending on where you are in your life, this can include different people at different stages in your life, and that is okay even liberating to think about.

See Your Self Love Reflected In Others – Loving ourselves is the best thing we can do for everyone around us. You can tell immediately if you are on the right path to love by looking at those that surround you. Do these people resemble great versions of what you think about yourself? Do you admire the people in your inner circle? If not chances are you need to do more inner self work to be able to see yourself in a better light, and then be able to attract a great soulmate connection.

Ask Yourself Why – A lot of the times we need to realize why we would like to have a perfect partner in our lives? What is it that we feel is missing? If we want someone to complete us and make us happy this is a recipe for disaster as only you can make yourself happy and complete. A lot of the time by analyzing these elements we are able to realize that a lot of the resistance to a true equal relationship is in our own hearts and this can lead to a true romantic connection if we can manage expectations and realize the why in ourselves.

Remembering that focusing too much on a soulmate and the the soul of a mate can be the difference between a loving union, and a relationship wrought with turmoil and fighting. Instead choose to love the one you are with completely. If they respect you, respect them, and leave the rest for spirit to decide.

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