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Dealing With Disappointment

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Disappointment is a reality of life, and it goes with the contract we metaphorically sign when we enter into this life. Yet we are always taught that we should not have disappointments and that it is a bad thing.

The truth of the matter is you never appreciate the good times unless you have bad times. So that means that life’s disappointments are actually great opportunities to point you in the right direction.

Below are a few different ways I have learned to deal with disappointments:

You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be – This is a great exercise, take out a pen and paper and write out any disappointments you have had over the last 5 years. Then write out all the amazing things that have happened to you over those years as well. More often you’ll see that all the “bad” things directly correlated with the “good” things and you wouldn’t have those blessings if you didn’t have the “bad”. This is the ultimate blessings in disguise exercise and it shows that you can never make a mistake, you make a choice it works or doesn’t but it always leads you to where you need to be.

Gratitude – It is so important to really practice an attitude of gratitude and we have seen so many miracles come about just from this practice alone. When you are in times of turmoil, it should be an immediate response to be grateful for what you have in your life. The great thing is by doing this practice you’ll get better at handling disappointment and in the process you’ll also learn how to bounce back quicker, and you’ll see more and more great solutions come to you.

Shift Focus – Too many times when we are disappointed we try to immediately change our thoughts or feelings, or we try to think of an immediate solutions. Just try shifting your focus, forget about the problem for a little bit. Go for a walk, eat ice cream, do anything to help you feel a bit of joy. By doing this you allow your brain to take a rest from all the internal browbeating we do to it. You’ll find you are happier when this happens, and this will lead to better feelings, which will help you deal with the disappointment in a better way so you can overcome it.

Just remember that disappointment is here to stay you aren’t getting away from these feelings in life, so the best thing to do is manage effectively and you’ll actually start to see your disappointments positively. You’ll see they help to lead and guide you to creating the amazing life you want and deserve to have for yourself.

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