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So You Lost Your Job

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When you lose your job whether you are let go or fired it can take a huge toll psychologically, mentally, and even physically. My clients usually call me at this stage when they are feeling confused, lost, and unsure of the next step. What a lot of my clients sometimes fail to see at the time is that this moment, the moment they were let go from the job is actually the universe letting them go, setting them up for something better.

Here are some ways to reframe your job loss to be one of the best things to have ever happened to you?

You Hated Life – Did you wake up everyday dreading the day? You thought it’s better than nothing, but you’re wrong. Being in a job you are not satisfied with is not good for you, and certainly not good or your employer. This is actually a gift from the universe setting you free to find your life path, now you just need to trust it and follow it.

Did You Ask For More – Have you been practicing law of attraction these past few weeks before being let go? Maybe you actually loa’ed yourself out of a job that wasn’t a fit for you because it’s time to start that business, or make that across city move, or move to that other job industry you’ve always been interested in. The universe works in mysterious ways and maybe you were asking to be let go without even realizing it?

Now What – So what’s the next step? First off don’t do anything in too much of a rush, examine why the universe gave you this as a gift. There is obviously a reason for it, so this is the discovery phase. Take time to be grateful first and foremost for what you have. Then seek to understand what you liked about the job, what you didn’t and what kind of experience you need next. Sit still for fifteen minutes every morning, and you’ll start to see yourself be able to listen to messages from spirit that can help guide you in the right direction.

Take One Step Forward – And then another and another and another. Everyone’s process and path different. So think of ten things you can do to help with your search and then do that. Then evaluate the efforts and do ten more things and keep going from there.

Finally, remember you either work from a place of fear or love, there is nothing in between. So focus on the love and the right path will present itself.

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