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What To Do While In Separation With Your Twin Flame

Separated Twin Flame

One of the biggest questions I get from clients during my readings is all about their twin flames. I did a podcast before on the twin flame connection and if you want to learn what that connection is and how to spot it you can click HERE. I also regularl

For this post I wanted to discuss what to do when you are in separation from your twin flame. Now, for anyone that has been on the twin flame journey I don’t have to tell you this, but it is the hardest journey you will go on. This person can feel like home and like your souls are meant to be one second, and the next you’re so agitated and can’t stop thinking about this person that it keeps you up all night like some crazy drug. Well one aspect of the twin flame journey is the separation. This is where you and your twin might either not physically be in the same location so there is separation, or you might mentally be separated and not in communication for any number of reasons. Many of my clients panic when this happens as they want to know exactly what to do and say to help unite them and their twin. One thing I will tell you is that there is no magic formula to this. Instead what I can do is give you a few tips I have given my clients to help them learn to move through the twin flame journey in the best way for their soul’s progression.

Here we go…

Don’t Expect To Get Back Together – The twin flame journey is so difficult because we just expect that because this person is our twin we should be with them romantically. In my experience the twin flame journey is meant to be in existence for any number of reasons. When I counsel with my clients during psychic readings, we tap into what these reasons are, and sometimes it’s to be together romantically. Other times it’s to help your soul grow in ways you might not be able to if you didn’t have this twin pushing you towards this existence. So the first step is to let go of any preconceived notions of what this connection must be about, and allow yourself to discover it.

Focus on You – When you are in separation with your twin flame this is the part that should be about getting back in touch with you. I have clients where we discuss this during our readings together and they do the self-love work only to then find their twin return to them. Other times this self-love work helps you grow past the connection to see it for what it is to help you meet and be with the person you romantically should be linked with. So during separation take this time to do self-care rituals that feed your soul and purpose.

Meditate For Answers – The great news is that we all have a direct link with universe. So if you are struggling with a twin flame connection and you’re not really sure what this crazy connection means for you and your soul I want you to sit and meditate. You can try this visualization exercise where you can imagine you and your twin having a conversation together. Ask all the necessary questions during this visualization with them that you need answered, and then ask them what this connection means for your highest and best self. Many of my clients report doing this meditation nightly for a few weeks to find that new insights come to them and usually the relationship with their twin changes during this time when it could be months and years previously where nothing has happened, so big results can be had by doing this exercise regularly.

What you really want to consider is not why you are in separation with your twin flame but instead what this connection is meant to teach you about yourself and this journey you are on.

If you are still struggling with a twin flame connection and feel I might be able to help you, you can always book a reading with me HERE.

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