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Making More Opportunities with Law of Attraction


When we think of using the law of attraction everyone seems to be focused on the end result, most people want to use it to create more money and wealth for themselves. Others want to use to manifest the “one” romantically that they will be with forever. However, sometimes the trick to properly using law of attraction is not to manifest the thing that you want but the opportunities to have the things that you want.


Many of my clients are always focused on the end result. They want rapid results now, which is completely understandable, and so when they try law of attraction they tend to give up rather quickly as they say it is not giving them the results that they want immediately. I only wish they were able to look at it and note that the law of attraction is giving them results and actually producing opportunities to have what they ultimately want, they’re just ignoring it.


I’m going to point out below three examples my clients have had where they actually have used law of attraction to manifest some great stuff, but they did recognize the opportunities and so they got stuck and weren’t able to make it to the finish line to get the real thing that they wanted. Hopefully these examples help you to use law of attraction in a way that will work for you.


Manifesting Love – One of my clients kept focusing on the soulmate she wanted, she tried to envision who they are and what it would feel like to be with them. Soon after doing this she started to manifest several wonderful men, but interestingly enough all these men didn’t seem emotionally available so she stopped using the law of attraction stating it didn’t work. However, when we looked deeper we saw it worked too well she produced several men! The issue was in our own availability and she was drawing in a mirror in men to what she felt in herself. So there was the opportunity the manifestation gave her to clean up her own vibration to be able to develop the relationship she so desperately wanted.


Manifesting Money – One of my clients wanted to make a whole lot more money than he was making currently. So he would envision himself playing and winning the lottery. He focused and put a lot of time into the visualizations of the lottery and what it would feel like to have this additional money that he wanted. Soon thereafter he got an idea for a new product he could develop, and slowly started to work on it but wasn’t so enthusiastic about it. When he came to see me he said that law of attraction doesn’t work and together we discovered it actually works too well, it attracted the idea for this product that can make him a whole lot of money so the thing he wanted he manifested he just needed to work on it, and not be stuck on the “how” the universe was suppose to deliver this to him.


Manifesting Perfect Body – One of my clients struggled with her weight. She would work so hard to diet and it didn’t work, so she wanted to use law of attraction to win herself the perfect body. She would imagine the perfect body she should have, and how people would comment on how amazing she looked, and soon thereafter she found herself becoming motivated to eat well and exercise more often. So it seemed to be working. Then one day she found herself in a very stressful situation at work and ran towards food. Disappointed in herself she thought this will never work and gave up with all the healthy steps forward stating law of attraction doesn’t work. Through our time together we looked at the specific situation that led to this and realized that the law of attraction was working in the perfect way it always does, it was showing her that her issue is not eating or exercising it is managing stress in a healthy way and it rooted out the main issue. Once we delved deep into this issue she was able to lose weight to get to her perfect body goal.


So these exercises are meant to illustrate that law of attraction is always working, it is providing you with opportunities to get what you want, now the job is yours to figure out how to capture those opportunities for your benefit.


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