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Understanding the Passing of a Loved One

Passing of a Loved One

Understanding the passing of a loved one, No matter who it is when we hear of the passing and death of a loved one it can fill us with so many mixed emotions. While I am not a grief counsellor and encourage all my clients to seek a professional out in this field when going through the death of a loved one, I will have many clients seek out my spiritual counselling and guidance when dealing with this.

Below, I’ve put forward my most helpful and healing information and advice on how to help process and understand the passing of a loved one in hopes that it will help and heal you.


They’re Still Here – I truly feel and have been blessed to experience ways in which those who have passed come back to remind us here on this earthly element that there is more to it than this human existence. While working with my psychic clients, I have been able to help valid and also remind them that their loved ones are still here with them in the energy form we are all created in and not in the human form they once were. This is good to remember so you can take comfort and know you can talk to your loved ones anytime. When someone passes be sure to remember them, and talk about and to them in a positive way. Don’t be shy to sit and talk to them out loud or in your own mind as they are aware of this. Many of my clients have reported back that they feel such comfort and a feeling of peace and joy when they do this exercise and communicate with a passed on loved on.


You Will Feel Guilty – No matter what your relationship was when someone passes you can feel an immense sense of guilt. Whether you were close to them, hardly knew them, or had a complicated relationship with them guilt is one of the most common feelings associated with the passing of a loved one. One thing you can be aware of is it’s okay to feel guilty, but your loved ones do not harbor any type of negative feelings. When we pass to the other side everything there is unconditionally loving. Feelings like guilt, anger, resentment, and the like are all negative and ego-based and ego is a human emotion. So you can hopefully take comfort in knowing that your loved one loves you no matter what the situation, and if you harbor any guilt you can take the time needed to work through it and let it go.


The Timing of a Passing – I have had to counsel with clients who have lost husbands or wives just as they got married and before a true life could begin. I have had to counsel with mothers who have lost children in this lifetime, and while neither of these situations are easy to understand in any way, we can at least work to understand the passing of a soul from this human existence to the other side. When we come to this planet we decide on why we are coming here, how long we plan to stay and the people we want in our lives. This doesn’t mean that every single event is fated. However, it does mean that sometimes a loved one passes because their work on this earth is completed. This can be very hard for the human mind to comprehend, but usually there is a reason and timing for everything and every soul.


If there is one thing you can take away from this I hope it would be to remember that the spirit and the soul live on. This earthly experience is just that, one of many experiences. As we are all energy and energy cannot be destroyed but just changed.


Do remember if you are grieving the death of a loved one to know you are not alone and there is a lot of assistance out there for you to learn to live after the death of a loved one. It’s true that your existence changes once we lose those dearest to us, but it can provide true clarity in terms of what’s important and what’s not in this lifetime. Click here

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