C Psychic Readings

Phone/Online Reading – 60 Mins

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In this one hour intensive session C will delve into all aspects of your life – from love and career to past lives and spiritual blockages. By connecting with spirit you will gain insights to help you change your life in positive and transformative ways.

These sessions come with “homework” from spirit to help you move positively forward in your life and many clients have stated these readings help them release negative memories and situations as they are able to create real change where they have been stuck or blocked previously.

Once you purchase your reading I will get in touch to book your session. These sessions are for your convenience and are booked on a first come and first served basis. You will be asked for your time zone and availability to book your session as soon as possible.

If you would like to gift a 60 mins reading to a friend or family member just let me know in the order notes.

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93 reviews for Phone/Online Reading – 60 Mins

  1. Sally

    She is really great. I had a Skype reading with her and what I like is she doesn’t ask me questions right away. She just starts giving me information, and it was really accurate. I asked some questions and the information she was able to receive was really good.

  2. Margo Rousso

    I did a mini-reading with C and was shocked she immediately touched upon a big problem I’d been facing. She told me a few more things and after that I decided to book a full reading.

    My first full reading with C was enjoyable. She made me feel relaxed and at ease, and she gave me some really bang on information about my situation. I will be doing more readings with C in future.

  3. Bob Lecroy

    I was blown away by C! She was right on the money with everything she said. I’ve been having some health issues and she was able to pick that up and give me more information. I would absolutely recommend C.

  4. amanda g

    C has been reading for me for over 7 years now (crazy when I realize it has been that long!) I often reach out to her in times of panic, stress and uncertainty. She always comes back with insights, words of comfort and advice I can truly use. I have developed as a person in many ways and throughout my struggles, C has been someone I lean on and trust has my best interests at heart. As I look back on the events of my life and re-read some of the readings she has given me I have my own proof of how legit she has been! From predicting that I would marry someone from my home town (I lived in a big city and had no plans at the time of ever coming back), to predicting the sex of my last child, she has been extremely accurate. I’ve referred friends and family over the years, and even my husband agrees we should confide in her before any large purchases or big decisions.

  5. Heather

    My friend referred me to C. I’ve been read by other psychics before with mixed feelings. But my reading with C was very different. Immediately she touched upon some of the challenges I’d been having both with co-workers at my work and with some of my family members. I was pretty shocked. The rest of the reading focused on some other areas and she gave me some good tips and advice on how to handle the situations I’m facing at work at with family. It was a good reading, and I have another scheduled in a few months.

  6. Shelly

    Shelly- July 1 2017
    I just had the most amazing one hour Skype reading with C. She is truly gifted and amazing, she covered topic I have been wondering about and gave me clarity on moving forward with my career. Nailed my love life and cleared up some worries I had about my daughter’s school issues, she covered so may topics. C is very inviting and it feels like talking to a friend. I am highly recommending her to everyone I know!!! Thank you C 🙏
    You will be seeing me again 😎

  7. Monica Panella

    Just had the best reading with C! I’m so happy I found her online. She’s honest and compassionate and I felt like she really cared about what I was going through. She immediately referenced an ex-boyfriend I’d be seeing off and on and wasn’t sure what to make of it all. Her guidance helped me put things into perspective, it’s stuff I thought about a lot, but hearing another person who doesn’t know me or anything about me tell me these things just confirmed my own gut feelings.

    I’ll be back soon C, thanks again.

  8. David

    C is a rockstar. Had a reading with her and it was perfect! A friend referred me to C earlier this year, and every time I get a reading I’m always surprised. Her insights are always right on target. She’s the real deal if you want a reading from a good and honest psychic. Highly highly highly recommended.

  9. Hanna

    I love my readings with C. She’s one of the good ones out there that actually care about her clients, and wants to use her gifts to help others.

  10. Paul

    I had my first phone reading with C a few months ago. I wanted to wait to post a review as she gave me a lot of information and I needed time to process everything. I remember how comfortable I felt just having a reading with her, not awkward or anything, more like sitting down with a good friend.

    So she hit on a few topics that were really interesting to me like my love life and my work. She told me that a work change was in my path, and it will be an opportunity I considered years ago but wasn’t able to pursue. She was right, I work in IT mainly, and years ago I thought of a product to build but didn’t have the resources or time. I bumped into an old colleague at an industry event, and he mentioned that the idea I talked to him a few years ago about (which was the same one C discussed with me) was something his company was thinking of doing, and wanted to know if I wanted to interview for the job and the opportunity surrounding this. I did and got it!

    I wouldn’t have even have thought to interview or even consider this option (trying to play it safe) if C hadn’t mentioned this to me – so thank you so very much C.

  11. Carrie

    Love C. Great reading amazing experience would do again.

  12. Jessica

    Unbelievable! My best friend had a reading with C and after hearing her experience I thought why not! I’m so happy I did, she was so right about so many things. In particular I was struggling with my career as I had to make a decision which way to go. C picked up on that right away and helped calm my fears about the outcome, it was exactly what I needed. So worth it. Thanks C you’re the best!

  13. Sara

    I read about C in an article in Notable Life, so I thought to see (I’ve never had a psychic reading before). C called me at the time we scheduled, and she is just so warm and funny. You’re not suppose to give her any information at first, but if you have questions you can ask afterwards. The funny thing was I had no questions! She answered everything during our reading and I didn’t even have to ask my questions. I will book another reading again in the next several months.

  14. Dale

    As good as everyone says she is. I got a reading with C after I read a review of her online. She was fun and funny and told me a lot of accurate info that really helped me out. I’d visit with her again, recommended.

  15. Dianna

    So so awesome! I read about C in an online article and booked a reading. She was prompt got back to me and gave me a few available times and dates. During the reading she asks you don’t give her any information, and she just started to pick things up. She was bang on about everything. I was having problems in my relationship and wasn’t sure what to do and C picked up on that. And she gave me some good career advice too and touched upon several other areas I was curious about. The funny thing is I never asked her any of these questions, she just picked up on the information and gave it to me.

    I highly recommend C, she’s funny and caring, and I will be going back to her.

  16. Bethanny

    I actually was gifted a phone reading for my birthday from a friend. I’ve never seen a psychic so, yes, I was a bit standoffish. C was great! She immediately put me at ease on the phone, let me know how the reading was going to go and that I can ask questions at the end.

    Immediately, she hit on so many things going on in my life. I was really floored. At the end I hardly had any questions because she talked about everything already. So would I recommend C, yes I would. She’s the real deal and is so great just to talk to.

  17. Gayle

    Really happy I found C! Had a phone reading with her, and I was impressed. I’ve been to a few psychics before and my readings were good, but this one was really great. C was honest, didn’t sugar-coat anything and really told me some truths I had long had to face. I’d recommend C to anyone that wants and truthful and honest reading to help them move forward in their lives.

  18. Sarah

    I found C through a friend, and for sure the best psychic reader I have been to. She has a lot of personality and is really funny too which I liked, and the reading felt very natural. She was really good at just picking up things, and she touched on all the areas of my life I wanted a little guidance on. Highly highly recommend C.

  19. Kelly

    Just did my 2nd reading with C, the first time I was impressed but the second time round I was even more impressed. She just had a great attitude on everything, and her spirit and energy is good vibes.

  20. Beverly

    Did a reading with C recently and out of all the readers I’ve been (which is a loooot), she’s my fav. There’s nothing wishy washy about her style. She just gets to the point and is very accurate! I’m going through a change in my job situation and she helped me get focused on how to get through it. I’m sure I would have led to the same result but probably would take way longer. She also helped shift my perspective in my relationship. That perspective shift is a total game changer. I’ll def check in with her again!

  21. Kathryn

    I normally don’t write reviews, especially for psychics, but in this case I wanted to share my experience with C. I’ve had psychic readings in the past and they were okay, some stuff came true, other stuff was completely off. C’s readings are very different.

    First, she’s a really fun and happy person, but persistent, she makes sure she gives you information, not trying to get you to give her info. She’s very accurate and I really liked how she took the time to answer all my clarification questions, and you get an MP3 audio of the reading afterwards so you can listen to it later.

    Highly recommended.

  22. Nikki

    Wow wow wow! I am blown away by C and her reading for me. She is bang on and I loved that she didn’t just tell me what was going on in my life, but what is a positive way to handle it. Totally going back.

  23. Sarah

    I had a email reading with C about six months ago and the reading was really good. So I decided to go ahead and book the phone reading. It was much more detailed than I thought it would be, and I really liked how C was able to tell me what I should be focusing on this year to help me grow my business.

    I’d recommend C if you’re looking for clarity on your life or a particular situation.

  24. Elena

    I’ve had another reader I was with for a while, but she stopped doing readings so I was trying to find another reader that I connected with. Luckily I found C, as soon as she did an email reading for me, it immediately clicked. I had a phone reading a few weeks after, and everything fell into place. She’s bang on, and I will for sure be returning to C for more regular readings.

    Thank you!

  25. Sarah

    C is great, she’s always prompt and on time to readings. I like that she is honest and she’s awesome.

    Would recommend.

  26. Mia

    Love my readings with C. It’s my time to just relax and focus on myself. She’s always so upbeat and funny.

  27. Lisa

    Had a phone reading with C wasn’t sure what to expect. Was pleasantly surprised, she’s really good and helped with a lot of the career problems I’ve been having.


  28. Delia

    Had my first but not last reading with C. I enjoyed her easy-going nature, and a lot of what she said was really good information.

  29. Lisa

    I’ve never had a reading before a friend recommended C to me. It was a great experience. She knew so many things before I said anything, and she really was able to shed light on a romantic situation I was dealing with.

  30. Troy

    Reading with C was great, I was pleasantly surprised. She touched on a lot of the thoughts and fears I was having, and put things into perspective.

  31. Katie

    Had a new year reading to see what this year has in store, and lots of changes. She right away said I had a big job transition coming up, and I was told in the new year I would be promoted so she was right about that. She also said a lot of other things that really hit home.

  32. Sarah

    I contacted C to gain more clarity on my current relationship. She picked up on exactly what was going on and her advice was really helpful. Thank you.

  33. Jackie

    Had my first reading with C. Booked off the website got and email to help choose a time and date so the process was easy. Her reading was not like other readings I have had. She started by just giving me information and was really accurate. Then I asked her some questions and felt really good like things were heading in a good direction.

    Would recommend.

  34. Emily (verified owner)

    It was my second time reading with C. She always pointed out what is happening to me precisely and gave me practical and helpful advice. Her reading encouraged me a lot and made me more confident in coping with the problem encountered. After reading with her, I feel stronger than before and be more concentrated on what I need to do at this moment. Highly recommended!

  35. Carloyn

    I had my first reading with C. based on the recommendation of a friend. I was really impressed. She was able to pick up on thoughts and things I was thinking and concerned about. She’s really kind and just helped me sort out the situation. I’m less anxious about things after our reading.

    I’ll be coming back for seconds, thanks!

  36. Susan

    Great reading loved her energy – Thanks!

  37. Sarah K.

    Had a reading with C, she was very warm and sweet. Made me feel comfortable and had good information. Thank you.

  38. Nathan

    C is on point! I’ve never had a reading before, I was a little unsure what to expect and bit skeptical, but open. She touched upon every question I was thinking bout, and I didn’t need to ask her.

    I really got a good sense from her that she loves doing this and she really wants to help her clients out, so yes to C!


  39. Dorthy

    Booked a reading with C, she was prompt and called me exactly as she said she would. Answered lots of questions I had about my current relationship which helped me see the situation differently.


  40. Kylie

    Really helpful. She gave me lots of comfort for things going on in my life that were confusing.

  41. Tikva

    I’ve had many readings before from different psychics, but I like C the best. Will be back, she’s good at picking up the most important information and what’s going on.

  42. Kiki

    This was my first reading with C. I was going through a tough time with lots of decisions I had to make, my friend recommended C. She was exactly what I needed. She saw the situation really clearly, and help me decide the best decisions for myself and my family.

    Thank you1

  43. Lin

    Happy with reading, she’s great nice to talk to will return.

  44. Carla

    C is different than other psychics she’s legit and she really can pick up things you’re even just thinking about. I really enjoy the time I spend with C reading for me.

  45. Judy (verified owner)

    I had my first reading with C earlier today. She is extremely accurate and is able to pick up information right away.

    Really glad I came to her and I will definitely return for another reading in the end of the year!

    Thank you, C.

  46. Kelly

    I had a reading with C over the weekend, I have to admit I was really nervous I never had a phone reading with a psychic before. My friend recommended me to her when I was having issues at work, she was able to see the situation right away and offered advice and something I never thought of before and it worked!

    Will for sure be coming back, thanks!

  47. Naveen

    Thank you for C for the reading, it was very enjoyable.

  48. Emily

    She’s the most honest and insightful psychic I have had a reading with. I wasn’t even really sure why but I felt compelled to get a reading with her, and it was the best decision. I learned a lot of things I was doing that I didn’t realize that were affecting my relationships, so I’m working on those things now.

    Thanks C!

  49. Dawn

    She’s really funny and her readings are fun and give me good information. I always feel so much calmer and like I’m ready to take on the world after a reading with C.

  50. Kerry

    Truly amazing! She was right on the money. She picked up so many details to things I was really shocked.

    Thanks C~

  51. E. Kim (verified owner)

    I had my first reading with C today. She is amazing! She was totally spot on with everything she told me.
    She was so kind and caring. Also very funny. She puts you at ease and you can feel that she really does care and wants to help you.
    I highly recommend her services and will be a continuing client.

  52. Desiree

    C is so compassionate, and good at this she really has the gift. Before I booked my reading, I read all the reviews, and as soon as I booked I got an email back to confirm appointment times and how to prepare for my reading. She’s so friendly as soon as you talk with her, and she really accurate with everything she says. I’ll be back1

  53. Linda

    Cool reading, she’s great. It was very insightful and she really recapped things I can do to help get me on the right track. It’s sorta like a life coaching and psychic session in one.

  54. Gill

    I very so blessed to have C. She really helps me every single session. She’s so accurate and everytime I’m blown away.

  55. Shivana (verified owner)

    C’s reading was such a gift. She was so very accurate, and so compassionate and easy to talk to. I felt nervous at first before the reading, but she picked up on that and we talked about it and I then felt instantly comfortable with her. I really appreciated her accurate messages and sharing, and also her action-oriented approach, to discuss my next steps and plan in a really simple and grounded way. Amazing, wonderful reading. I will definitely book another reading in the future. Thank you C!

  56. Garima

    I had my first reading with C earlier today and could not wait to write her a review.Her readings have been very different and accurate from any of my previous readings. She immediately made me feel so comfortable and at ease ,it felt almost like talking to a close friend.

    She is able to see right through your issues and stuff thats troubling you and what could be done about it.She provided me with some delightful insights about my current situation.

    C has a very positive energy to her and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is lost and looking for some answers.
    Hope this was helpful.

  57. Taylor T.

    Wow!!!!! I just had my first telephone reading with C! All I can say is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She is so positive, uplifting and to the point! She is extremely professional, informative and has a great sense of humor. She will make you feel completely comfortable. It was like talking to a trusted good friend!

    She was able to touch on things that I was thinking about as well as things I really needed to hear. Her accuracy is
    ON POINT!!!!! This young lady knows her stuff! I also loved that at the end of our reading she asked me if there was anything I wanted to go over again or any additional questions I add so no stone was left unturned. I appreciated that.

    I would highly recommend a reading with C you will not be disappointed! Love her!!!

    Great reading!!!!

  58. Amy Chen

    Great reading with C once again. I come back again and again and each time I’m so surprised at what she can pick up and help me with. It’s like she knows exactly what’s going on and what’s in my brain. Really really good, highly recommend.

  59. Nancy

    I had a phone reading with C over the holidays closer to Christmas and it was exactly what I needed. I was really stressed out from my job and about my family, and C was able to pick that up right away and tell me what was really going on. She mentioned things I was thinking but too afraid to say out loud to anyone and she helped me sort of find my voice.

    I am so grateful to C and look forward to our next reading. Like others here would recommend.

  60. Darla

    Wow wow wow! I had email reading with C before and she’s always been really on the mark, but the phone reading blew me away. She is so easy to talk to and funny, and just like talking with a good friend. You can really tell she cares about her clients, and wants to help them. I really loved my reading with C she talked about everything I had questions about and answered them before I had a chance to ask. I left feeling so good about where things were, I felt hopeful, and it just gave me a renewed strength to keep pushing forward – so thank you C!

  61. Kylia

    C is great, I did an email reading before and it was pretty accurate so I went ahead with a phone reading. She’s kind, and sweet, and just someone that you want to talk with. She answered all my questions and was just really supportive with great info. Thanks.

  62. Clara

    C gave me goosebumps. She picked up on conversations and things I was discussing with other people, and really helped me put things into perspective. I was really surprised it was a different kind of reading. I was just expecting her to guess at a lot of things, but she really knew feelings and situations that were happening and helped me to really work through it.

    I was very pleased with C and will be back.

  63. Canada

    Wow what a reading. This was my first reading and I was floored. Things that C was telling me was actually how things played out. I will for sure do another reading. Now I can move forward with a clear mind. I love how she’s went straight to the spirit guid and started telling things they wanted me to know. The best part is that C records the conversation and send it to you. So that you can go back and listen. I am a strong believer.

  64. Lisa

    So with everything going on now, I had a lot of time on my hands. I’ve been on C’s audio meditation list where she sends out weekly meditations and I finally decided to dive in and do a reading. So happy I did! She was really great to talk to, made the process easy and comfortable, and she really new a lot!

    I just felt really good about everything after we finished talking, so I will for sure come back!

    Thanks C!

  65. Allison

    Coronavirus had me worried about a lot of things, I haven’t used a psychic before but my friend recommended her to me. I was a bit nervous just to the process and what she could tell me.

    C instantly put me at ease with her humor and just kindness, she explained her process and started right away. Instantly she picked up on the exact situations I was concerned about and provided a lot of details.

    Really happy with it overall will come back.

  66. Linda

    My mother gave me a birthday gift of a reading with C, it was great! I had readings before C’s are different. She’s funny and gives you clear information (no question asking at the beginning). She was spot on with so many things and just even knew things I was thinking about that were bothering me.

    I felt so much better after and it was a really lovely and spiritual gift.

  67. Anushka

    A friend of mine in Canada gave me C’s information. I wasn’t sure she could read for me (I live in India) but she was.

    She was very kind, precise and I felt very comfortable with her. She was very accurate about lots of things and even knew I was pregnant even when I didn’t say anything.

    I feel so grateful for C she helped put my mind at ease for lots of things.

  68. Laura

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! C was recommended by 2 other friends of mine who had phone readings with her and so I thought I take the leap. I never had a reading before, and she joked she does a lot of “virgin readings” lol. She immediately put me at ease and was just funny and I could tell she really cared so it made me feel good.

    Right away she started giving me information from spirit, I didn’t ask her any questions or anything, she really helped me see my romantic situation more clearly as I was really struggling with understanding it. She touched upon many other things and then asked if I had questions. Almost all my questions were answered before I got to ask any!

    I was very happy to have a reading with her I will be back.

    Thanks C!

  69. Tammy

    I’ve been coming to C for years now, and just wanted to share my experience. C is always very patient and kind, she reads for me the same way each time with no information given, and she is very accurate. It’s incredible for me to even go back and listen to the MP3’s from past readings and hear all the things that came true.

    If you are looking for a reputable, honest, and insightful psychic I’d highly recommend C.

  70. Hannah

    This would probably be my 5th reading with C. I’ve been coming to her for a few years now and she’s wonderful every single time. I really like how she reads because I don’t tell her anything and she just gives me information. My last reading I was really scared about a situation at work and how that would be affecting me, and she was able to pick this up right away. She told me what was in my control and what wasn’t and helped me through it.

    It really helped because it made me more calm at work, and I was able to not freak out over things because I was more aware of them.

    I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend C if anyone wants a good psychic reader.

  71. Nia

    Hi C! I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You really helped me acknowledge things going on that I didn’t really want to admit to myself. But I’ve been doing the exercises you’ve given me and they really work! I’m very surprised but not because you told me all of it would happen, lol.

    Just wanted thank you you again for your time and energy and for the amazing work you do to help others 🙏🙏🙏.

  72. Rosanna (verified owner)

    This was my first time doing a reading with C and I just happened to google readers and her name kept popping up. After going back and forth for a few weeks I decided to just book with her as I never booked online before. When she called me and heard her calming and caring voice I knew i had made the right decision. In all my years with working with readers i could not believe how accurate she was and I never had to give out any information. Thank you so much for helping me move on and I will definitely 100 percent call back in the future

    Thank you so much!!!

  73. Sara

    I had a reading with C about 5 months ago and she told me I was going to meet someone. She described what I needed to do to get ready to accept this love into my life. I totally forgot about the reading, and then met someone and was shocked because everything C said came back to me and the guy I was on a date with was exactly who C described! I was blown away with the accuracy and am just to grateful for C and the work that she does.

    Thankkkkkkkk youuuuuu!

  74. Alice

    My first reading ever and I was very impressed. I never had a psychic reading before (not a real one I’ve done one at like fairs and stuff but not true readings). I found C online and was just drawn to her after hearing her podcast. We had our reading together and everything others write is true she is just such a nice person and you instantly feel at ease with her.

    She started the reading asking for my name and then started to give me information, I was immediately floored she hit the nail on the head in my romantic situation. The whole reading went by so fast but it was so much good information I’ll be back for sure for my next “check up” as she calls it, lol.

  75. Shelly

    I found C on Instagram, and after reading her posts and listening to a few podcast episodes I felt compelled to see what her readings are like. I had a phone reading and I have to say she is the real deal. I wasn’t sure at first and a bit nervous, but she is such a kind person and really puts you at ease, she’s a joy to talk with.

    She hit on a bunch of things I know I should be doing, but needed spirit reminders of and I got to ask questions that I had with her providing accurate information on each one. I really love her reading style it’s not like other readers, she’s very specific and in-depth and really provides answers and solutions.

  76. Benne

    A friend referred me to C after she had a reading with her. She’s unlike any other psychic I’ve ever had. She’s really is a life coach and she gave me such good information there were all these moments that just was like clarity for me when before I was just scattered in that area.

    After my reading, I started to listen to her podcasts and I find that every week the podcasts are exactly what I need for the week, she’s really very intuitive.

  77. SP (verified owner)

    I had my first Skype reading with C about 4 months ago. I’ve had readings in the past with other psychics but C is completely different! She has great energy and personality and she’s so positive I just felt so good and uplifted after the reading.

    C immediately picked up on my plans for moving that were interrupted by the pandemic which was very specific and she gave me insight about the factors at play in that situation. She also predicted a career change that happened exactly like she described! At the time of the reading (just 4 months ago) I had no plans on making a career move I didn’t think it was too accurate when she was saying it and kind of put it out of my mind. After listening to the recording again recently it’s pretty incredible how she predicted the exact turn of events, from how opportunities would come to me, interviewing and the type of career change. She also was eerily spot on with my relationship, and referred to situations I haven’t shared with anyone! She gave me validation with the relationship (things I knew deep down but just needed to hear), and gave me a plan going forward.

    The whole reading was like listening to her tell me a story about my current life situations and parts that I don’t know the endings too yet. By the end of the reading she’d answered all of my questions without me asking specifically and she also left time if anything needed to be clarified. Will definitely be back for another reading!

  78. Helen

    C is for sure my guru. I started to listen to her podcast and then thought to purchase a phone reading. She’s unlike any psychic reading I have ever had. The amount of details she knows about a situation, and just how she teaches is really extraordinary. She always say at the end of my readings that she has given me a lot of “homework” which is things for me to learn and do to improve myself, and she’s right! But I keep coming back to C because not only of the bang on accuracy, but just the level of caring and teaching she provides.

  79. Emily

    So this happened…I had a reading with C a week ago and I was looking for career and job guidance, she told me about a job opportunity that would be coming to me and asked if I was interested in certain job industry, which I do have experience in but never really thought was a long-term fit. She explained the opportunity would come from a contact in the industry and it wouldn’t be the same boring experience I had before. I thought it was interesting, and that’s it, now I just got a call from the “contact” and he’s created his own company and wanted to talk to me about potentially working together. Wow. Mind Blown.

  80. Ssbrina

    Oh my god. Words cannot describe how amazing she is. I had the reading in February and have only now been able to put my experience into words, it was just so…breathtaking? I felt as if i were going to cry in the first few minutes, she was just getting everything so accurately!!! Right off the bat mentions things that i havent even told my closest friends. She noticed big horses around me, i have horses just outside my house! She mentioned scholarships, and i ended up getting a scholarship on the day of the reading! Oh and she is just so so funny and has an amazing laugh, such an enjoyable experience. Ive recommended her to all my friends, and honestly, strangers too sometimes. My friend did one after me and has said the same thing, im just in such shock. She is truly amazing and i hope to see her soon. Do it!!!!!!! I seriously cannot express how hard she hit home. Thank you so much, i loved it, i will definitely come back. You wont regret it, i promise you! Thank you again!!!

  81. Carly

    This review is about 6 months in the making. I had a reading with C late December and at that time I was just in the most terrible place with everything. C picked up immediately the situation I was in and the pressure I was feeling. She was so kind and lovely to speak with. She is the most kindest person I have ever talked with, and I could really tell she is here to help.

    She told me things I should be focusing on to help in my situation, and even though I was really upset and depressed at the time, I did take her advice to heart. In the last few weeks things are just speeding up like mad, and everything she said was going to come true is now starting to take affect.

    I love C she’s the best and I can’t want to come back for my next reading (which I have already booked).

  82. Ceely

    C is the real deal. I have had many psychic readings before in my life, but nothing that comes close to what C does. I first did a few email readings with her just to test it out, and she was really detailed about my question so I took the plunge and booked the full reading.

    I really like how comfortable she makes you feel right off the bat like an old friend, and she right away went into things that I had questions about, but didn’t ask her. She asks you before the reading to have questions ready but not to ask her before the reading and I was surprised how she hit on every single question I had before I asked it for her.

    I’m already ready for my next reading, but I’m going to wait a bit let it soak in.

  83. Cora

    I had a reading with C 2 months ago, and thought it was good I enjoyed it and it was helpful but didn’t think too much of it. During our reading she mentioned a man I am to meet and described some details about him. Well 2 months goes by with nothing, and then I met him. I knew instantly he was who C described and it just sent goosebumps down my arm.

    So now I am a full believer, lol. Just wanted to share my experience.

  84. Kitar

    So I’m still really shocked after my reading with C. I never had psychic reading before, but was looking around on the internet and found her podcast first. I listened to it for a few weeks, and then decided to book a reading as I was dealing with a complex problem I needed help on.

    She was so accurate right away and without any info I just sat there and she started to talk and brought up the event immediately. She helped me see it in a way I hadn’t been looking at before and it was really helpful. She also talked about some things from the past that were really accurate, and so I’m excited to see her future predictions for 2022 come true!

    Don’t wait, book it! You will be so happy you did.

  85. Heidi

    I’ve been using C for years. She’s always spot on and just really helpful. I book myself a birthday reading and have been doing so for the last 5 years, and I just can’t get over how every time I do a reading there’s just so much more to learn.

    Highly recommended not like other psychics out there, be ready for honest though, she’s very honest.

  86. Tracey T. (verified owner)

    This was my second one-hour reading session with C. I had one a few years ago. She is fantastic! She honed in on what had been holding me back and keeping me stuck in life. She came up with a strategic plan for me, step by step, on what I needed to do to better my situation. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have the resources to achieve my objectives. She’s not just going to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. She’s accurate, professional, caring, and fun. If I could give her more than 5 stars I would. I highly recommend having a reading with C. You won’t be disappointed she’s the real deal!

  87. Carolyn

    C is really one of the best psychics out there. She is just spot on every single time. I have bought gift readings for several family members and friends and everyone of them comes back and tells me how amazing she is. I have been reading with C for years and it’s just so incredible how the information comes up. Most recently, I was going through a tough romantic situation, and C said I was going to meet someone new (I didn’t believe her because I didn’t want anyone new) and then I met him. He’s so wonderful and it all unfolded exactly as C said.

    I wish I could leave a ten-star review because she is that good, she’s just funny and compassionate, caring, and just really really good at this. If you are looking for a true psychic she’s it!

  88. Heidi

    There is incredible teachings in the readings that C provides. I have been having psychic readings with C for the past year, and she is better and less expensive than other psychics and even life coaches I worked with. Every reading with C blows my mind, and for days and months afterwards I’m still processing the insights.

    You won’t be disappointed, get a psychic reading!

  89. Jen (verified owner)

    I waited for about 6 months before posting this because I wanted to see what would come of it, but I have to say I’m still in shock over my reading with C. She started the reading off by asking for my name and then she just started to give me information. I was going through a very tough and confusing relationship and she just was able to see it so perfectly and describe the person who I was having the issues with, and she helped me see it clearly and know I’m not crazy.

    After the reading she gave me “homework” and as soon as I did it just like C said all these things started to come true for what I wanted and where I wanted to be. She even saw me moving and where I moved was exactly to what she described, it’s really crazy.

    I’ve tried a lot of other psychics out there and many of them are just scammers, C is real.

  90. Lianne

    Okay, this is really strange but I waited about 6 months to write this to see if all the things C said would come true, and yesterday I got confirmation. I booked a reading with C to talk about my romantic situation, she started to give me information right away on the person I was seeing and what was going on with them, and turns out what she told me came true! I’m still in shock how accurate she was. I would absolutely recommend C to anyone looking for a legit psychic.

  91. Chelsea

    C has been my psychic for 5 years now. A few years ago she mentioned to be about having a baby, at that time I always said I never wanted children, but I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t want children but I didn’t think I could actually have them, but C said I could if I wanted to and that it might not be easy but to not give up and that I could have a child.

    Well fast forward to today, and I did have a child. I didn’t give up hope because of C and it wasn’t easy but I’m so thankful to C because she kept reminding me not to give up.

  92. Sandy

    I was looking for advice on if I should move countries and wasn’t sure the best options for me. C was great, she immediately saw me moving, and named three of the locations I was considering moving to. She gave me the pros and cons of each place and if I made the leap how it would look, and she even narrowed down timing to when would be best. Fast forward to the time C predicted and a new job opportunity came out that had me travelling and moving around the exact time she said – mind blown! Will come back for future readings.

    Plus her podcast is great and I always listen to new episodes.

  93. Tye

    So like a lot of people on here I found C from her podcast which I just binged. I booked a reading and was very impressed. She’s exactly like her podcast very kind and funny. Her reading was of course right on the money. Everything she said I knew was true and I was impressed she picked that up. I recommend getting a reading from her and I will be booking another one in the future.

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