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Cord Cutting


Are you feeling trapped by lingering emotions from a past relationship? It’s time to break free and find your peace with cord cutting. This unique meditation and phone session with follow-up homework for the next 30 days empowers you to sever the ties that bind you to your ex or any person from your past.

Through this transformative experience you will release the emotional baggage associated with feeling stuck and connected to an ex or someone else that prevents you from emotionally moving forward and opening yourself up to new possibilities. After you purchase this service you will get an email with instructions on how to prepare for your session with C. After the session takes place you will be given a 30 day individualized plan to complete this spiritual work.

Cord cutting is your guide to emotional liberation. Clients who have done cord cutting sessions with C report that they feel released from emotional bonds that have kept them down and they are able to have a healthy relationships moving forward.


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