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Are you searching for a path to clarity and purpose in your life? Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual wellness with C as she guides you towards finding answers and feeling unstuck. Whether you’re facing challenges in your career, relationships, or personal development,  these sessions will help you develop your internal intuition and will empower you as you navigate through life’s complexities with confidence.

Once payment is made, C will send you a personalized questionnaire to begin to tailor each unique phone/online sessions to your goals, desires, and intuitive development. There will be set homework every week to complete along with personalized meditations and affirmation recordings for you to review regularly. Each new session will build upon the last one and depending on how you develop with C through these sessions your insight will grow beyond where you are now, so you can feel and see the changes within yourself.

You’ll gain valuable insights into your unique strengths and passions as well as the guidance needed to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, allowing you to create positive change in all areas of your life. Clients who have taken these intensive sessions with C report seeing measurable change in their lives, however, these session are intense and require you to be ready to do the work weekly. So come prepared to make change happen!

Payment Installment Plans are available email C to learn more. 

2 reviews for Life Coaching – Payment Plans Available

  1. Anna L.

    Before I booked these sessions with C I was confused and afraid and couldn’t focus on anything but the negative in my life. I was trying to run a business, was feeling like I was neglecting my family, and just felt like a failure. C worked with me to first off change my mindset and build a prosperity mindset and work on attracting things to me and not chase things. She also helped me gain my confidence working with spirit and now my intuition is really focused. It was a lot of work and there is a lot of homework given after each session, but it was life-changing!

  2. Jill

    I’m leaving this review because I can’t believe how much things have worked out. I did coaching sessions with C last summer she gave me homework and I did it every single day and I worked really hard. I had a lot of love blockages and wanted to find my partner, and leave and let go of people that were in my life but not treating me well. Finally, I met my person, and it happened exactly as C said it would! I am so grateful and thankful to C because of the work we did together and now I am able to be the right person to accept this great connection, thanks C!

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(2 customer reviews)
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