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Recently, a lot of my clients have been coming to me with questions regarding their current relationships. The funny thing is almost all of the time before I even need to share what message spirit is giving me, they already know if the relationship is not good for them or toxic, but they are just having a hard time letting it go. Love and relationships are one of the most difficult things for us as humans to grasp and understand. We want love but in order to be in control of this you need to be completely able to let yourself be out of control and understand that what you want is the feeling of love and being loved. Not every relationship you have is meant to relay this in the format you wish to have it. A lot of time relationships are meant to give you clarity about your own wants and needs.

Below is my prescription for letting go of hurt during a breakup and using the experience to truly move on.

No Control – One thing I am always surprised about when I provide clients with readings is how much control we think we have in a situation versus the control we actually have. We really control very little on this planet and that can actually be good because it means something really fantastic can come your way any moment without you controlling it. So when dealing with a breakup understand your limits in terms of control and allow yourself to feel out of control. By just acknowledging this feeling you are more likely to be able to deal with anything that comes your way because you understand what is happening.

Meditate – Meditation is becoming a tool used more and more by the CEO’s all the way down to the mom of three kids looking to find a way to provide herself with a moment of calmness. Meditation is actually a great way to get messages from spirit. When you are in a place of true relaxation and calm focusing only on the now, you allow your mind and body a moment to relax. This relaxed mindset will help you train yourself to hear your own messages from spirit and help you to know what you should be taking away from the breakup to better yourself in future.

Take Away – This is actually one of the best times in your life because it allows you to look back on the breakup to make yourself a better person. It is one of the most poignant teaching moments you can have on this planet. See if you can be really honest with yourself, do not judge yourself for any mistakes made, but be honest as to what you could have been done better. You will never be able to change someone else but you can change yourself.

Let Love In – Love is the only thing that can transform hate, anger, greed, depression, and any other negative feeling or emotion. Learn to love again by starting with you. Love you for you who are, then move forward to try and love from a distance your partner whom you broke up with. Love them unconditionally like a parent loves a child, not judging them for actions made, or past grievances. If you can do that, you will truly see how this breakup can transform you into a better person able to give and receive love better in the future.

Like many other things on this planet love, time and patience go hand in hand. Give yourself the ability to express love and have patience knowing it will come to you when the time is right. Soon you’ll be able to get back out there feeling great about yourself, and in a better position to attract the kind of love you want and deserve.

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