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I always find the most satisfying readings for me are the ones where I get to help my clients gain clarity in confusing situations. It’s funny I always find that when I give my clients the kind of information they are seeking they have always known in their gut what the answer was, but they just needed the validation to confirm it. Just as I help my clients with confusion, there are certain things you can do in your own life to help with confusion and I’ve listed the best ways I’ve found how to do this below:

Gain Control Over the Confusion – We all know knowledge is power, and in situations where you are utterly confused the best thing you can do is seek to understand yourself and the situation before making any moves or actions. I suggest you really just try to sum up exactly what the situation is that you are confused about, write it out in just 2-3 sentences. When you really get to the heart of what is happening you sometimes can see the situation differently as you only focus on the necessary components.

Remove The Fear Factor – A lot of times when confusion strikes there’s more than meets the eye. More times than not we are dealing with a fight or flight response, in short we’re afraid but we might not know why. There are real physical threats to our safety which cause us to be afraid, but also we do become afraid in situations that are more psychologically threatening than anything. We all know psychological fear or anxiety about a problem isn’t really a threat to our safety, but if we don’t manage it it can sabotage our success in life, and this is a threat to our well-being. Another way to gain clarity in a situation is to think about the worst case scenario, what really are you afraid of happening? From there think about how you would be able to handle the situation if it did arise. Sometimes just having a plan in the back of our head gives us confidence to handle the situation, and that can help with giving us some clarity.

The Power Of You – I think it would be hard to find someone that isn’t insecure about who they are or their situation at times. It is when we are the most insecure we can also become the most confused because we don’t know what’s coming at us, and if we are strong enough to handle it. This is connected to the second point we made about fear. One thing that can help to gain clarity is to remove all emotions from what is confusing us and just look at the facts. Looking at the facts and see the situation as just that a situation with a good outcome or a learning outcome (note how I never said a bad outcome). So if you can trust in yourself you can remove the confusion by knowing that no matter what the outcome it will either work out, or you’ll learn from it and move forward so just keep doing that, moving forward.

Trust Your Gut – This one can a bit harder, because our gut and our feelings aren’t always the same thing and these two get confused regularly. One way to be able to clear the confusion is to really think back to times when you did have those gut reactions that proved to be true. Try to physically take yourself back there. Think of the exact situation, think of how you felt, think about the actual feeling in your body. When you do this you can start to train your body more to be aware of these gut reactions so in future when you have them you can follow them.

Trying to think your way out of a confusing situation can lead to more confusion, and sometimes you just need to leave it as it is and let the chips fall as they may. At the end of the day we have to remember life happens for us, and that means no matter what we can learn and grow from any situation.

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