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How To Win The Lottery

A lot of my clients come to me with questions regarding money, and what the winning lottery numbers are:). They want to know how to make more money and why they don’t have more money. The problem in our society is that we are not taught how to have a proper relationship with money as a tool to be used appropriately and with gratitude.

When I get money questions from clients I am always shown by spirit what it is that is blocking them from gaining more money, and what they must do to clear out their current negative money mindset. More often than not people actually don’t have a plan for money. They know they don’t have enough, but they don’t really have a plan for what they would do with more money? Or they usually have had bad experiences with money which have coloured their thinking towards money.

Below I’ve outlined ways you can change your money vibration and beliefs and yes, using these techniques can help you win the lottery or at least attract new sources of money and ways to make money.

Look At Your Money Past – When I work with my clients I am able to bring up events and situations that have gotten them to where they are with their finances and money mindset. By looking at the past you can identify behaviours or patterns that don’t serve you and you can work to correct them. How do you really feel about money? What was money like in your household growing up? Asking these questions can lead to some very insightful revelations about money.

Money As A Weapon – Do you have any poor intentions with money? Do you believe that money is the root to all evil and only bad people have the majority of the money in the world while the good people of planet earth are doomed to be poor forever. This belief is limiting as it is allowing you to view money negatively. When you do some research into the background of successful and wealthy people you can note more often than not they are good people just enjoying the money they have, and they have a healthy attitude towards money and that is the reason more money is always drawn to them.

Make A Money Plan – What would you do if you did win the lottery? Write down the amount you would win, and start spending it virtually. Really start to evaluate what you would do with it. If you want to go on trips where are you going? Which resort are you staying at? What’s your travel route? Answering questions like this can help you really put yourself into a positive money mindset and help you to feel good having and spending money.

At the end of the day the only person that can help you make more money is you, and the only person stopping you from making more money is…well you. So it is worth investigating how to have a better outlook on money and change the past to a prosperous future.

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