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How To Win The Game Of Life – Stop Playing

As humans we have been trained to compare and constantly analyze our lives against others to see if we are winning or losing game, and the end of a year is the time people evaluate where they sit on the leaderboard.

So, what’s the magic solution? You stop playing this game of life. Below are 3 ways to stop playing the game of life so you can actually win the game of life.

1. You Will Never Win The Game Of Life – So Stop Playing:

This game of life means that you consistently look outward into the world to determine what you want. When doing this you will always see people who you think have it all or are living a life better than yours. Hardly though do people actually sit down and think about what is it that will honestly make them happy. Studies show shortly after we achieve any major goal our happiness spikes up dramatically and then falls and we are left wanting and yearning for the next great thing. So to get out of this head space we need to be content with the journey of life and stop making it a game to be won or lost.

2. Don’t Be Attached To Any Outcome Or Expectation:

When we are attached to how something will turn out in our life, this stops us from even trying in the first place. Expectations can have a very negative impact on our lives. It is good to have goals this is what keeps us growing and learning, but if we can’t use these expectations and outcomes as a guide instead of an absolutely we can be left very upset. The more you can detach yourself from any outcome the more you will be inspired to focus on the actions of now. Positive actions lead to positive outcomes and that can contribute to being happy and content with the now of your life.

3. Focus On The Now:

The only thing we should all be focusing on is the now. By that I mean we should constantly be looking for ways to truly enjoy every moment of the now. We can only focus on now if we aren’t beating ourselves up about the past or worrying about the future. This means we focus on gratitude, and focus on taking actions that make us feel authentically good. We look forward to and have faith knowing we will get all that we want out of this life and more. Most importantly we believe we’re doing just fine as we are, we are exactly where we are suppose to be on our life path, and we are doing a good job.

By not playing the game of life we actually can win! We stop comparing ourselves and seek instead to understand ourselves. We accept who we are and stop becoming attached to any outcome which gives us freedom, and we focus on the now and know that we are perfect in our imperfections. We trust we are exactly where the universe wants us to be learning the lessons we individually must learn.

The new game of life should be how much love, gratitude, respect, and honor we can give to ourselves and fellow human beings. By making this our new scorecard of success in life we can provide a powerful movement that can transcend hate, war, injustice, and any other negatives. As we all know love can have the power to create miracles and transform anything and everything. So let’s stop playing the game of life, and just love living our lives.

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