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How To Not Make New Year’s Resolutions


As you can imagine any psychic and reader gets extremely busy around the holiday season and into the new year. With a new year upon us many people want to know what it has in store for them. Not only that but I constantly read for others that have a bunch of new year’s resolutions or things they want to fix about themselves but are struggling to start or complete. I am a big believer that any motivation towards change must come from a very centered place in the body, and if you are making choices or trying to make changes for another person you’ll find it won’t work out in your favor because it’s not coming from the authentic self.

Below are the most noted resolutions I hear my clients have. I have rephrased them to not be resolutions but instead reminders with actions that we are all humans doing on this planet, moving towards progress at our own pace and on our own journeys.

Weight Loss – Lots of my clients want to get fit when the new year is a foot. They say things like, “I want to lose this many pounds” or “If I just lost this weight I could…”. The issue is not that they want to get healthy, that is a good thing to strive towards, instead the issue is that they are attaching so much value to a number or something intangible that doesn’t make a lot of sense. So instead of making this your new year’s resolution, go for something that really strikes a cord in you. Aim for health, find fitness activities you enjoy, find healthy food you actually like to eat (yes it does exist), and find other ways to get yourself into a healthy mental space. By being mentally mindful of your health, it will transfer to your body, and again you’ll note the pounds will start to shed on their own if you stop worrying about the number and focus on the fun of exercise.

Romance – Who doesn’t want to have a loving and romantic partner enter their life? We all want and crave love and to be adored by the right partner for us. Instead of making a new relationship the focus of your new year’s goals, focus instead on being a partner someone would love to fall in love with. Fall in love with yourself first, the act of coupling up with yourself can be quite powerful because when you love self first you attract those that love yourself as well. This is a goal worthwhile to pursue on any day.

Career Progress – Many of us say this is the year we quit the jobs we find so soul-sucking. Or this is the year we make this amount of money. At the end of the day it’s not the job or lack of funds that are making you unhappy, it’s the fact that you’re not pursuing your goal of self and what fulfills you or your passions. Many of us truly don’t know why we’re here on this planet. We have no idea what we’re doing here truly. We wake up yet are we truly awake? Many of us go through life in zombie-mode, just doing what we think we should based on realities given to us by friends, family or society. It’s time to break out of this, and try a different activity for once. Instead of focusing on what you hate about your job, think about what you love about it, this feeling of love and enjoyment will lead you to realize what it is you are passionate about, then find ways to add more of this passion to your life. If you want more money or funds, think about what you really want to do with it. What is it you want to apply this money to and are there ways you can get a taste of these things or experiences by exchanging other goods or services you can provide instead of actual money?

We all get stuck in our own perceptions and realities. We get stuck in a mode or pattern of thinking, and it can take a lot to jolt us or wake us up, but once we have this experience and are awake it can be the best thing for us. So this year let’s make worthwhile and lifelong goals for our lives, not just for the first few days of the new year.

Happy New Year!



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