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How To Manifest Using Vision Boards


Vision boarding has been all the rage these past few years. Particularly with the pandemic of this year, the idea of vision boarding has been a great goal-oriented, socially-distanced activity that you can do in the comfort of your own home by yourself or virtually with friends. A great way to get ready to do a vision board is to find yourself a quiet space, light a candle, and put on some light music and let the creative juices flow.

Below we’re going to go deep into what vision boards actually are and what they can do to help you manifest your goals.

What is Vision Boarding:

A vision board is a tool like anything else to help you strengthen your mindset and motivate yourself to achieve your goals. It isn’t as mystical as some like to believe, and it comes from a very practical place. The idea of visualizing your goals to achieve them is a mental exercise that many athletes, top business people, and actors and singers have done. A vision board helps you visualize the feelings of what it is you want in your life. You can create it online virtually or by getting a board and cutting out photos and words that you are attracted to. The goal is to create a visual mind map of what you want in your life, and put it in a place you can see it often so you can feel the feelings of what want.

How a Vision Board Works:

A vision board uses the tool of visualization along with the belief of law of attraction to active. For those of us who don’t know what law of attraction is, the law of attraction is where you Ask. Believe. and Receive. A vision board helps with this, because you are asking, believing, and receiving. Again you’re looking for the feelings and what it would feel like to have the things you want in your life.

What Is Law of Attraction (Refresher):

The law of attraction follows a set of “rules” where you Ask. Believe, and Receive. The most important to this is the fact that you are asking for what you want, believing that it can be yours, and allowing the universe to brings it to you (kinda like Amazon). Now what a vision board does and how it relates to the law of attraction is that by creating a board we activate our minds to look for ways to achieve what’s on our board. This is where inspired action comes into play. You know when you’re just sitting there and you get an idea to call a certain someone, or take some sort of inspired action, this is part of it all. There is a saying that energy flows where intention goes. Our brains are like super computers and a vision board is presenting your brain with a certain set of problems you want solved, the goal of a vision board is to help your brain see the problems and then find the solutions through getting you to take inspired action when you feel it.

Common Vision Boarding Mistakes:

A lot of times people complain that they made a vision board and it didn’t work. There are usually a few different reasons for this. The first most common reason is that they created a board with things they thought they wanted but didn’t feel truly intently in their soul they wanted.

The next most common reason for a vision board not working is that there are internal blockages that are preventing you from believing the things you are putting on your vision board. So the best thing to do is start with what you do feel is in your world of possibility. Remember you can change your board up as often as you like. So if you don’t feel your board connecting with you anymore then change it up.

The last reason is that you didn’t stick with it. I always tell my clients patience is enjoying what you have while knowing something better is on the way. So don’t quit on your board too soon.

How To Know It’s Working:

When your vision board is working the way you will know is that your life will start to change. Things might not start changing the way you would like at first. It might feel like things are getting worse first, but this is good it is showing you that the universe is listening and helping you get rid of the mental blocks stopping you from getting what you want.

The next way you’ll know it is working is that you’ll start to see what you want out there in the real world, this is an idicater it is coming to you, and you’ll start to feel the desire and need to take inspired action and will start to feel the desire to make action and moves to help you attract more of what is on your board.

Hopefully, having this information will help you create the vision board of your dreams so you can accomplish your dreams.

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