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A Psychic’s Advice – How To Have A Baby

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I find one of the hardest readings I complete for clients has to do with issues involving conception. Usually these clients have been trying to conceive for so long that they come to me as almost a last ditch attempt to fix whatever problem they are having in this area. The topic of children and conception has always fascinated me, why does one woman conceive so easily while another who would make a fantastic mother cannot? Unfortunately I have yet to figure out the exact answers to these questions. I can tell you that when I read for clients I am able to come about a solution to their situation in terms of things they can do to help with conception, or I sometimes see another solution all together that they haven’t ever considered but was the right answer all along for them. Below here are some suggestions to help you consider your own baby situation and what to do about it.

Make Sure You Are Ready Physically – Some of the time my clients haven’t even considered any physical responsibilities as to why they are having a tough time conceiving. In this case I usually see that they should visit a doctor of some sort and/or change their diet to aid with conception. Make sure you have already considered this avenue and have had you and your partner checked to ensure everything is physically ready to have baby.

Check Your Stress – The womb is a very sensitive place, and any stress can cause it to become a battlezone. If you are constantly stressed as to why you haven’t yet been able to conceive you are not going to increase your chances. In these cases I tell my clients to relax and take a vacation if they can with their spouse. While on vacation just let it go, don’t think about wanting a baby or the “why’s” just focus on relaxing. Many cases have been reported where a couple tries to have a baby with no success, then they go on vacation and miraculously conceive. Stress can hurt, so manage your stress to ensure the baby has a safe and comfortable womb to thrive in.

Focus On Future – Just because you haven’t conceived yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get excited about it. Read books about child rearing, research names you like, think about the classes you’d place your child in, and the birthday parties you’d plan. All of these positive activities do two things, it places your mind in the right place for conception and it helps prepare you.


Let It Go – Becoming pregnant is sometimes not as easy as we want it to be, and you as a woman do not fail if you can’t conceive. One thing you need to be comfortable with is the fact that maybe there is another plan out there for you if you haven’t conceived. Letting go of the intention to conceive and focus on other areas of your life can help in all ways.

In the end to be honest psychics are not always able to see the clear answer. I have been able to accurately predict pregnancy for a client, but other times I have seen children around a client but not able to predict or see if they themselves are meant to have their own children or just be and work with children. What we as psychics can do is help to see any blocks that might prevent contraception from happening. What you can do is make sure you are doing everything you can to provide the right circumstances for it to happen, and then the only other thing to do is believe the universe has a plan for you even if you might not be able to see what that plan is at the moment.

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