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When Things Are Not Working Out


We’ve all had those moments in life where we feel like the universe is conspiring against us. We might try and try to get things done, and more often than not we feel like there are roadblocks in our way and like we aren’t able to achieve what we want to achieve. This has been the experience of some of my clients and it’s also sometimes the reason they are led to me to read for them. While everyone’s experience is different the universe experience of life is the same, below I’ve shared some examples of things you can do to help change your attitude when you’re feeling this way, and changing your attitude will lead to changing your actions, which will lead to changed results.

Relax – The last thing you want to hear when you’re trying to push through getting something done, or things aren’t working in your favour is that you need to relax, but this is exactly what you should do. When we are not getting our way despite all of our efforts, maybe this is the time sit back and let the universe sort it for us. Sometimes using force is not the best way to get results, you need to take inspired action. I’m not suggesting you quit your job and watch Netflix all day. I’m suggesting you take a break. Relax from the situation, go for a walk or just breathe for a bit. Taking your mind off the situation will help solve it – not the other way around.

Forgive – When things don’t work in our favour we tend to go into self-blame mode. We think it’s all our fault we should have known better. The trick to realize is if you knew better you would do better. So instead of blaming yourself, just forgive and understand you are where you are for a reason. So allow yourself to fully be there and don’t judge yourself just accept yourself and your journey.

Accept – We are all trying to race to this unknown finish line in life. So we race and run and try to outdo each other all the while not realizing what the real reason is that we are here or what our true journey is. We all seem to forget we are not here to complete the same mission and that means all our lives are going to be different, so we need to understand that. Accept you are here for a reason, your reason is not the same as others, so understand and accept where you are and learn the lessons of where you are. If you can do that and still be happy with the journey, you’ll see things turn around quickly and be in your favour soon.

Faith – Things happen for a reason, there is a plan for all of us. So having faith in the universe or in whatever name you call it is a good way to help you stay on course. Just knowing the universe has a plan for you can make all the difference and if you can continue to wake up daily, and take inspired action with this mindset in play. You’ll start to see things come about very quickly and start to work for you, but it starts with belief.

Following these tips above can help you get through tough times, remember life is about the ups and downs, and if you didn’t have the downs you wouldn’t appreciate the ups. All of this is what the human experience and life is about so we must embrace it and appreciate it.

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