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What’s It Like To Get A Psychic Reading Online

Psychic Readings Online

I used to do in person readings for many years. I did them at psychic fairs, yoga events, health shows, etc. Eventually as I had more people come to me and ask for readings I wanted to find a better way to read for everyone especially those that wanted readings from me overseas and in different time zones.

At first I wasn’t sure I could read people’s energy when I was online if it could be done in an email reading, or through the phone or Skype, so I tried it. Something funny happened then, for me I noticed that if I read for a client online I actually had a better connection with energy. I’m not sure why this is the case but I find that reading for others online in the comfort of my home and them in the comfort of theirs does help with the accuracy and transfer of energy. Below I’ve dispelled some myths or fears people  might have regarding having a psychic read for you online vs. in person.

Can A Psychic Connect With My Energy Online?

This one I understand completely as I too when I first started to get readings with psychic intuitive readers wanted to do so in person. I had thought this was the only way a psychic could get my energy. It wasn’t until I had my first Skype reading with a psychic that came highly recommended to me. The reading I had with this reader was more accurate than any I had before. I tried to give readings myself first through phone then through Skype and it turned out that I also was able to receive client energy better, so it’s a good thing I made the switch.

How Do Online Readings Work?  

For me they operate the same way as in person readings. What I do is take a few minutes before the reading to ask to connect with the spirit energy of the person I read for. I ask spirit to help me bring the client I read for messages of help and healing with action-oriented plans. Then when I have the client online I record the reading and first start to deliver the messages I receive. After all this information is delivered I then answer questions, but most of the time my clients don’t have questions it is normally all covered in the first portion of the reading.

Does An Online Reading Need To Be Done At A Certain Time?

Nope, the benefit I have found from providing readings online to my clients is that I can do so for more hours of the day including after hours. I have clients that request readings late at night as it is the only time they can accommodate and I am able to provide this service more readily as I do not need to worry about being available certain hours of the business day, so it is benefit to both parties.

At the end of the day I tell anyone looking for a psychic reader who they can trust to first focus on this part, trust. Find a reader who you connect with or one who is recommended to you. Then I would say if the only thing holding you back from having a reading is if it is done in person or online, if you’ve never had an online reading before I would suggest you be open to this as I was you might be surprised by the results.

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