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The Secret To Handling a Breakup

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We’ve all been there, you’re flying high one moment thinking this is the best relationship of your life, to living other moments where you question everything about breakup and why you started this relationship in the first place. Then it ends, it really doesn’t matter if you ended it or if the other person did either way it’s hard and it hurts.


I have been finding this week alone many of my clients have been dealing with the emotional ups and downs of breakup situation, and having helped others in the past in this area I thought I would write some sage advice i’ve learned and given others that have helped .


Understanding Your Emotions – No matter what you think right now, it will get better. Right now you have to realize you are in a lot of shock emotionally and you are trying to process a million things at once. Allow yourself the healing time needed to process all the information, don’t try to make any major decisions during this time since you are emotional (no matter if you aren’t an emotional person) you might make a few missteps if you try to make decisions quickly so instead take time to allow things to sort themselves out.


Patience Is Key – I said before but I’ll say it again “This too shall pass”. Thought we might not want to believe it and things feel so very doom and gloom at the moment, know that the feelings you are feeling in this the situation and everything else negative with the situation will pass and become better. So while you are processing your emotions take time to be patient with yourself, and  the other person to make sure the best resolution is had by everyone involved.


Get Busy – It’s time to get your mind busy and become engaged in other things. If you sit at home idle there is nothing stopping you from thinking about the situation over and over again, and trying to sort things out. Or worse going on social media and stalking the other person in hopes they feel as bad as you do. Get busy with your life, nothing gets solved when we’re sitting there trying to solve it. Instead go out and get active, or engage in work more, catch up with friends, take up new hobbies do what you can to put yourself in a better situation.


To Stay In Contact Or Not – This can be a tricky time, because your mind and body might be very much still attached to the other person, so breaking up you still might want to engage in the same habits you had before, such as texting and talking nightly. This is a personal choice, some people can stay in contact with an ex right off the bat, and it doesn’t have an affect onanything. However, for the majority of the clients I’ve seen it might be best to take some time apart to have no contact. This just give your mind time to rest from the situation and really think through things without any other influences involved.


To Get Back Together Or Not – Many of my clients going through a breakup ask me if they will get back together with an ex. Sometimes I do see insights and information on this and sometimes I don’t. At the end of the day it is important to remember life and life choices are fluid and actions change situations. Though you can’t force someone to change they might do so on their own. So following the suggestions above can help you give yourself and the relationship the best opportunity possible to succeed if you are destined to get back together with an ex. Or you will come out of the situation better than before ready to move forward.

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