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Staying Clam During Times of Panic


With everything going on in the world, it can be easy to get swept up in the drama of it all. We have people panic buying, getting sick, quarantining themselves, it can be a scary and unusual time period for all of us. However, panic has never helped anyone solve a problem, directed energy of positivity is what will help us all move forward in a positive way.

Below I’ve listed ways my clients are combating fears and anxiety during this time period to propel themselves forward in the future.

Deep Breathing – Breathing is a naturally calming force. That’s why they tell you to breath deeply in times of anger, stress, pain, and panic. When we speak of deep breathing the first thing we should be doing is monitoring our breathing. Most of us without even realizing it breathe shallowly. We breathe high in our chest, so instead focus on breathing deep and taking your attention off of what is happening and focusing on your breathing. Just doing this can help you gain clarity and understanding.

Focus on Now – With so much out there in the media being reported we must remember to focus on now, not the future, not the past, but the now. That means we do what we can. We take precautions and we prepare, but we also must recognize that we can’t control the future we can just focus on now. So don’t forget to take time to realize this and stop the racing in your mind to stay calm and present.

Have Fun – Life is to be lived, so yes while it is a proper action to take precautions, that doesn’t mean we all still can’t have fun. Take this time to be creative and find ways to have fun in the situation. We are blessed to have the internet and connection through that. So focus on keeping connected, learning, and having the fun that you can while we wait out this time period.

Be Grateful – We must remind ourselves to be grateful for what we do have, make a list of what you are grateful for. Remember you can’t be fearful and grateful at the same time, you can only choose one, so make it being grateful.

Meditate – Try to meditate, meditate on positivity, meditate on health, and meditate on healing. When we experience times like these it can contribute to a lot of negativity, so we need as much positivity as possible to be able to combat this. So see yourself as a mediation warrior and wage war on worry and panic, combat that by being calm and positive.

One thing to always remember is this too shall pass. Worry and being stressed doesn’t help you or anyone else. So instead focus on being a leader, lead by example and have a level-head while you make good choices, and continue to move forward. We all must remember to be kind to ourselves and each other during this time, it’s important.

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