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How To Use Crystals for Healing


Many of my clients have been asking me about using crystals in their self-care and self-healing work. I am a big supporter of healing crystals and their qualities and abilities to help us heal ourselves. I will be honest and say just like anything else the crystal can be used as a tool to help you to clear any blockages going on within yourself, but it isn’t going to be the reason you are healed you are still going to have to do the work.

In this post below I’m not going to go into the kinds of crystals there are out there as a quick Google search for crystals related to love, career, money, anxiety and such will produce a great knowledge of material. Instead I’m going to focus on how to use your crystals to help you seek and receive answers and help you move forward in your life.

Choosing Crystals – It depends on who you ask, but some say that crystals choose you not the other way around. I believe this to be true as well, and so I always say if possible the best way to obtain your crystals is to go to a healing store that sells them exclusively. The owners of these crystal shops are into promoting self-healing and wholeness so you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and being able to choose your crystals can help increase the bond and energy. Go with your gut and pick the ones that correlate to the blockage or problem you are looking to clear or solve, and feel which ones you are attracted to and choose them. I do believe you can choose crystals from the internet, but if you are to go this route, you will want to see the exact crystal you are purchasing and see if you feel pulled or drawn into it.

Charging Your Crystals – Funny enough just like you should do a full charge on your cell phone when you first get it, the same can be said for crystals. It really helps the energy if you can take your crystals, put them in water (unless they are the type that will dissolve in water you can look at up on the internet) and put them by your window for a full day and night. The energy can be stronger if you do this by a full moon, but just having a full day of charging cycle from the sun and moon’s energy will help to harness the power in them.

Working with Your Crystals – It’s interesting, everyone I know that works with crystals including myself has a different way of using them. When I discuss using crystal healing with my clients I find that each method spirit brings up for them to use is different and unique to them, and so I don’t feel there is one right way. If you’re new to crystals one of the best and easiest ways to feel the positive energy is to lay flat put them the part of the body they are associated with (for example rose quartz just above your belly button to clear love blockages), and then sit and meditate with them. I have held crystals in my hand while a pray and meditate. I also wear crystals in jewelry particularly if I need the energy closer to me that a certain crystal delivers. Finally you can put them under your pillow when you sleep or carry them in your purse in a bag. The real trick to all of this, is that you take the time to actively use them in your healing rituals. So you can use the crystals while you meditate, or you can hold them as you journal, pray, or ask questions of your spirit guides – again no right or wrong answer. What you are trying to do is find out what works for you and if it doesn’t work then try something new.

Recharge Regularly – Crystals can take and keep energy. So think about it, if you are using your crystals to heal you or to remove negative energy of a situation to fully release it it would be good to charge them at least every week, and make sure you sage the room and around your crystals. Caring for your crystals will mean they will care for you as you work to heal and remove blockages from your life.

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