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How To Manifest More Money

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Almost everyone I do a reading for has questions regarding their career and finances. They want to know how they can manifest more money into their lives. Now, there are many different techniques out there that will help call more money to you, but at the end of the day if we don’t understand our relationship to money and the blockages in us holding us back from having the money we deserve, we really can’t go very far.

In the next few steps below I’ve outlined some of the specific manifestation techniques I give my clients to help bring more money to them. My clients usually report back in a few months how helpful these techniques have been and they are able to tell me the progress they see in their lives from utilizing these.

Hopefully these techniques below will help you as well, and if you want to learn more about manifesting money you can listen to my podcast about it HERE.

Understand Your Money Past – We all have a past and a present. The past is something that has happened that we can’t do anything about. However, many times we allow our past to energetically interfere with our future. So if in your past money hasn’t always been your friend, or you’ve lacked the necessary money in your life, this is the time to look at this right now and banish these thoughts. One thing you can do is write down 5 money thoughts you have grown up with, identify if these are your current thoughts or if these are money thoughts of others that have been implanted in you, and then decide you are no longer going to choose bad money thoughts.

Affirmations – If you are open to it affirmations can work wonders. What affirmations do is change our brain pattern and beliefs. We retrain our mindset to look for what we want instead of what we don’t. Use affirmations that feel slightly uncomfortable but not entirely out of reason. So for example if you want to make lots of money but don’t feel you are able to right in this second you can use the affirmation, “money is coming to me, and I am in the process of making lots of money.” This is a statement of belief you can get onboard with. For each of my clients I recommend different affirmations depending on their situation, but the goal is to repeat your affirmations often at least 3 times a day.

Take Action – Energy flows where our thoughts go. When you start to look at your money thoughts, and change your affirmations, you then can start to think about what you want instead. Soon you’ll start to have thoughts in terms of what you would like to do with the new money that you make, you will start to think about how money can affect your life in a positive way, and you’ll start to feel and think of different ways you can bring more money to you. When you get the feeling of how to inspire more money to you, take this as a good sign and move forward with this inspired action. Follow it, and if you feel a urge to apply for a job, call someone whom you haven’t spoken with about money or a business opportunity don’t look at these things as coincidences. Know this is the universe telling you you are on the right path and follow these messages.

When you continue to work on your money thoughts, transform them with affirmations and take action you will see slowly at first and then more quickly later on how much these thoughts transform your life and bring more money to you. The first clear way you will know you are on the right track is you will hear other people talk about money or you’ll start to see in others what you want for yourself. Remember if you see it out there in others, it is meant for you it is no coincidence this would be around you.

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