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How To Solve Any Problem with Ease

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Much of the time when my clients come to me they are in a state of panic or fear to get the answer of how to solve any problem with ease. They have all these problems they need to solve now. They need to know the magic answer, they need to know the right answer, and they don’t have time to waste. One thing I gently remind all my clients who are in this process when they come to me is that universe has perfect timing and if the problem is persisting it’s because they are not letting it go enough or having what I call the least amount of resistance to the problem so that it can be solved.

With that, I have developed a 5-step method that I give my clients to help them overcome any problem that feels either like it is unsolvable, too much or just something they need to figure out now. My hope is that these problem solving techniques can help you too solve your own problems.

Is It Your Problem – Many of our problems aren’t even our own but those of other members of our family, or friends, or our bosses or co-workers. Many of us try to play the role of hero where we think it is our responsibility to solve the problems of others, especially if it is family. So the first rule to solving any problem with ease is to really ask yourself if this is your problem to solve, or if this is really one you should let others deal with.

Identify The Outcome – Sometimes my clients confuse the problem for the outcome as in they are so focused on the problem that when I ask them what outcome it is they truly want, they sometimes don’t have a clue because they are so focused on the problem. When we focus on the outcome we want to a particular problem we start to see more solutions open up for us. One exercise I give to my clients is to write out the outcome you actually want, if I cold waive a magic wand and make this problem go away what it is you really want solved. Many times just asking that question helps to solve the problem.

Relax Into The Problem – Problems are associated with stress. We get uptight and filled with anxiety when we think of a problem. Solutions never come to us during this time. I often make jokes with my clients as in how many times have you tried to wrestle a problem to the ground and force it to be solved, and did that work. It usually doesn’t and instead it either causes us to make the wrong move, or to get stuck where we are. So if you are stuck in a problem try to relax and let the problem go even if for an hour. Train your brain to not think about the problem, relax, and go do something else. Many times just this alone solves problems.

What’s The Real Solution – When you are in a relaxed state if you do really want to find out what the solution is to a problem a good way to go about it would be to write out many solutions to the problem. I give this writing exercise to my clients and ask them to put half hour on the timer and write out all the solutions they can to the problem in this time. Usually the first fifteen minutes are filled with solutions that might not seem feasible or helpful, but the more they delve the more the solutions comes to mind things that can work or can at least move the problem towards the right direction of being solved. So work to solve problems in this manner.

Give it to the Universe – If you’re struggling over and over with how to solve a problem and you see no way out, pray on it. Prayer doesn’t have to be religious by nature, and just the act of giving it over to another source to allow the universe to help you solve it. Just pray upon it before you go to bed, and allow the universe to give you a solution in the way of inspired action. If you do this correctly, you’ll start to really feel things inside of you beckoning you to take inspired action, and this is what will help solve your problem.

Hopefully these suggestions you can take to heart and learn that problems aren’t really as they seem, but instead they are opportunities to play in this physical world to help you learn about your soul and the soul’s of others so that you can raise your vibration on this earthly planet. Click here

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