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Why Is The Universe Against Me

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I get this question a lot with clients that why is the universe against me. Things aren’t going right in their lives or they’ve had a major fight with a family member or a lover, and immediately the world is not working right for them. It could be they hate their live, their job, their spouse, or are just feeling as though everything is crumbling around them at the same time. Well you’re going to hate me for saying this but, the universe doesn’t make mistakes. And I’m sure you’ve heard that annoying saying before, the universe doesn’t do things to you but for you.

So in this post I want to help you examine some of your beliefs of what the universe has in store for you to help you learn the universal lesson so you can move past whatever is holding you back or making you upset.


Everything Is Happening At Once – I’m sure you’ve heard the rule of three, that things come in threes, well how about five, or seven, or nine! Many times when I’m doing a psychic reading for a client all of a sudden they’ll tell me all the things that is going wrong at the same time. Maybe their partner left them, then they lost their job, and then their dog got sick. Yes, all of this is really horrible stuff to deal with especially at the same time, however, there usually is a lesson in it. I work a lot with my clients to help them see the connection through everything to learn what the lesson is and once they learn that things steady out once again.


There Is No Light Without Dark – Some of you might have heard this especially those working in the energy space. What is really means is there is no good without bad, no sunrise without sunset, no light without dark. Essentially if we didn’t have certain experiences happen for us, we wouldn’t learn and be able to move forward and improve ourselves and our situations. How many times has something happened and you look back and are either grateful it did happen, or at least are proud of yourself for making it through which gives you confidence. So if you can understand nothing is without purpose this can help you as you ease through these times of difficulty.


Unconditional Love Is Inside All – When we decide to exit this life we go somewhere that is a place of peace and unconditional love. A place of no judgment or anger, and a place where we just love because that is our being. Imagine if we were all dogs. Dogs have the ability to be unconditionally loving to humans and themselves. If their human by accident steps on their paw or forgets to change their water they’re not mad, they love. They also don’t get mad at themselves if they get caught in a sticky situation where they need rescuing. Instead they are grateful to their human for being there and move on like nothing happened. The secret to handling anything the universe throws at you is to operate from unconditional love. If you can do this you’ll see the lessons to learn, you’ll be appreciative of the good times and be able to gracefully get through the bad.


If you can follow these tips you’ll also be able to change your mindset and understand the universe is not against you, instead it is there helping and healing you every day and your job is just to stand up and allow it to happen and know this too shall pass. Click here

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