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How To Sense Future Events

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A new study proves that scientifically we sense future events 2-10 seconds before they take place. This evidence is a great piece of information to showcase the unlimited and untapped potential we humans have. Humans are starting to accept and seek to understand the potential of the mind in more ways than just the mental capabilities it provides, but also for its ability to help us sense spirit and use this spirit to guide our lives and help others.

I have helped clients through my classes teaching them how to train their brain. Training your brain to sense danger, opportunity, and fear can be learned and applied to your life instantly. This skill I have taught my clients has helped them sense danger and be able to react beforehand to either avoid it all together, or understand the situation and be able to react accordingly. It has also helped them read opportunities and know where to apply their efforts to maximize returns. This skill is a great way to get into your mind and body in a real and helpful way.

I’d like to share today a simple yet powerful exercise you can use to help gain a sense of clarity in any situation, and be able to help predict future events for yourself by training your mind. It won’t happen overnight, but the more practice you put into the exercise like anything the better you will become at it.

This exercise hinges on being aware of your body and mind. By knowing how your mind operates in a place of rest, when something in your environment is a miss you’ll be on alert for temperature and other body signals you are being given to help alert you to signals you might have missed.

Take a minute to relax truly relax. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on relaxing every part of your body for ten seconds. Then focus on a thought or a feeling that makes you feel sad or scared, see how your body responds and then relax again. By focusing on different emotions feeling the way your body feels with them and then relaxing, you’ll be able to become really aware of how our body responds. Then when you are in that situation you will be able to recognize it better with your thoughts and also be able to control your reactions better because you will be aware of what is taking place.

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