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How To Sage Your House For Energy Clearing


As a psychic reader and being someone who enjoys and embraces all things metaphysical, you best believe I am a big believer in the power of burning sage to clear away negative and unwanted energy. I don’t do this very often, but I do have a handful of real estate clients, who ask me on occasion to go to houses that have just been listed on the market, and essentially sage the house and clear it of any negative or lingering energy (like a messy divorce, or reports of a haunting). My real estate clients have told me that immediately after I have cleared the houses, the house has a lighter energy, and they notice a difference when it’s going through the process of selling with more offers that come in.

I also sage my house regularly, every night before I go to bed and in the morning. I also sage and clear myself before and after I complete a phone or email reading for a client to get rid of the energy of the last reading, so I’m fresh and ready for my next client.

I’ve listed my top tips for buying and using sage for maximum benefit.

Where To Buy Sage – It really doesn’t matter where you buy it. I have bought my sage from native tribes, health stores, metaphysical stores, and even on Amazon. The place won’t affect the quality, but you do want to make sure you buy quality sage. Just as you can buy sage from different places, you can buy different types of sage. Remember, you want burning or smudging sage, and I like to use the white buffalo sage. So I would suggest you start to do some sage research online and try a few different ones out to see which kind you like.

How To Use Sage – To use sage you need to burn it and have a place to collect the ashes as you walk around your home. You can either use an abalone shell with a feather to move around the smoke about the room, or you can use a plate and walk around the room letting the smoke move where it wants to go. I will light candles along with the sage, and I open a window to help remove the negative energy. I use a simple plate to keep small pieces of sage from burning off and falling on the ground. I do find that small sage pieces that are burning can sometimes float and can burn a hole through fabric if the flame reaches a bed spread or other fabric, so you want to be very careful with this. After I am done, I will also ensure that I extinguish the flames with water and make sure that there is no left over smoke or flame. I store my sage in a dry and cool place (a wooden box I use that also houses the plate I use and the lighter and candle so it is all together).

How To Sage Your House – Before I start to go from room to room with my sage, I like to take a few minutes to meditate on the energy of the home. I usually start to feel whatever energy is in the home and I ask spirit to help me as I remove the negative energy and allow only positive and good energy to remain. I then make sure I open all the windows in the house, and start on the top floor. After I light the sage stick, I will walk from room to room letting the smoke dance in the air, and make sure I reach corners and closets. I will repeat out loud, “All negative shall leave, only positive energy shall remain.” Sometimes I alter my affirmation, depending on the situation, but after I have gone through the whole house, I head back to the front door of the house and I will open it and imagine all the negativity leaving the home, and I perform a blessing on the home. After this is complete I dip the sage stick in water to make sure the flame and smoke is gone, and that’s it.

Again, this is not how you must sage your home, you can perform any ritual you would like that is comfortable for you. The key to this I find is the energy you yourself have when you sage the home. So make sure you are in a positive and happy place first, before you go about it.

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