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How To Live a Happier Life

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We all want to be happy, right? It’s actually one of the top trending questions asked on Google and websites like Quora and Reddit. We are creatures who seek pleasure and avoid pain, we all know this. However, many of the readings I complete with clients have them asking me how they can be happy. Whether my clients are dealing with depression, anxiety or just going through a place in their lives where it’s more stressful than usually, all of these things lead to not feeling good and happy.

What if I was to tell you there is a secret to happiness? Would you want to know? Of course you would, and so would everyone. While I don’t think that anything in the universe is a secret there are reasons why some people are happier than others and there are ways you can make yourself more happier. I’ve listed a few tips below in hopes it helps you become a happier and healthier person.

Happiness Is a Choice – We all choose to be happy or not. You might be thinking to yourself that this is not true, and you choose happiness everyday but other people and situations ruin our happiness. The reason this is not so is because everything in life is a choice, and if you choose to react to how other people present themselves in your life, this can be a cause or reason for unhappiness. Happiness is a choice, and we can get there simply by changing our view on it and understanding we are meant to choose it and it is a choice.

We Can’t Be Happy Always – This might sound counter-intuitive for a blog post on how to be more happy, but it’s true. You can’t always be happy, because if you were you’d never really be able to identify what makes you happy. Think about it, to experience life is to experience life in all forms whether that be happy, sadness, fear, etc. Your job is to recognize these modes in yourself and around you so you can feel it inside your body so you can identify happy. Happy is a feeling and that means it is a feeling we can call upon, so the best way to know how to be happy is to identify what might not be making us happy. When we know this we can appreciate the moments we are not happy knowing it is in these moments we are being led to happiness.

Find Your Happiness – Learning to be happy is really a skill like anything else, and this can involve a bit of digging and detective work. If you want to be happy you need to really sit down and think about it. What makes you happy? Can you answer that question? A lot of the times this is where I sit and read for clients because they are unsure of what makes them happy? They don’t know because they haven’t really thought of it, or they thought it was something that was just suppose to come to them. This is not so, it is something you need to know and feel. So start with paper and pen and ask yourself, what truly makes you happy? Digging deeper will help you start to notice when and why you feel happy so you can start to develop more ways and spend more time in a happy place than not.

We learn more from the different experiences we have in life than we would if we were happy all the time. If you were happy all the time, the question is would you even know it? It’s important that we have these different aspects of our lives to teach us and help us learn and grow. Again, happiness is a state of mind, and it’s not suppose to be a place you live in all the time. It’s a place you should constantly develop and cultivate with yourself so you can live in the happy place in your mind moreso than not, and this is how you can lead a happier life.

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