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How To Be Successful – The Right Way

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My clients always want to know how they can get ahead, get that edge, and make more money becoming more successful over time. They are usually disappointed or frustrated when I read for them, as they aren’t getting the kind of success they want fast enough. As every person and reading is different there are usually several themes that show up as to what might be stopping them from gaining success and what they can do to overcome their success obstacles.

In this posting, I’ve given you some tools that I’ve given to my clients to help them become successful.


Identify What Success Is – A lot of the time my clients want to be successful but when I conduct readings for them the idea of what that actually looks like is a bit muffled. This is because they themselves don’t really know what that success looks like and haven’t taken the time to define it for themselves. So the first thing I would suggest is put pen to paper and write out “WHAT SUCCESS MEANS TO ME” then get specific and write out exactly what success looks like.


Fears Out The Window – Many of my clients I can see have the talent, and drive, and hard work ethic necessary to achieve success, but there is fear that holds them back. They sometimes don’t even recognize what that fear is until working with me and then identifying it. So find the fear, and learn to get past it. I recommend positive affirmations to say daily to help drive the fear out before it even roots itself.


Consistent Effort Over Time – A lot of my clients make small strides towards success, but they then allow something to get in the way. Whether that is a full-time job, family obligations, or something else. So my job is to help them pinpoint what is getting in their way and what they can do to put them back in alignment with their goal – take action even small steps lead to big things.


Destiny Defined – Many of my clients come to me wanting to know their success destiny and what is meant for them. As I always say, your future is fluid as it is defined by you and your actions. Usually though when I read for client I am able to pick up on their passions and things that engage or fuel them in this life, these might be things they have forgotten about. I also can pick up on industries or key skills set that they do have that if used properly can lead them more to success and this is a surprise sometimes to them because they usually didn’t see it in the way that spirit puts it out there. The meaning behind a reading is you are going to get the information meant for you to help you become successful, and it’s up to you to harness this.


One thing we all have to remember is we have our own paths and our own story, and your story isn’t the same as someone else – so be kind to yourself. Things come to us at different times in our lives when we are ready to receive, and I look at it as my job to help my clients get to the place to be able to receive.


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