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How To Attract Love

Everyone would like love in their lives, the problem is not everyone understands that they themselves can be the reason why love hasn’t entered into their world.

We are all love and we are surrounded by love, we have the choice to embrace it or ignore it. In your life if you are the type of person that goes around rejecting love it will be tough for you to attract love. Below are 3 ways you can start attracting more love, friendship, and romance into your life immediately.

1. The Love Game – Every morning when you wake up write down 10 things you love in life. Also tell 3 people in your life that you love them. See if you can maintain this feeling for however long you can throughout the day.

2. Remove all negative forces in your home – If you have items in your home that you view as negative (maybe they were given to you by someone you had a negative relationship with) remove these items from your home. You should surround yourself and your home with items that you are proud to look at that will create warm thoughts and memories.

3. Do a love cleanse – Take a day for a cleanse. Wake up and eat food that makes you feel good, spend the day doing activities that you and you alone like to do, and spend the night with people you love. Many of us do this regularly however we don’t focus on the love component. Be sure to focus on the love and you’ll bring more of it into your life.

These suggestions listed above aren’t meant to instantly attract new love into your life, but if you maintain this exercise regularly you’ll see magical things happen in your life.

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