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Cord Cutting To Remove Negativity


In many of my readings with clients they feel stuck on a certain situation or a person. The best example I can refer to is one involving the “ex”.  Usually when we break up with someone their energy can still be trapped inside of us. What I mean by that is we might want to move forward or even recognize that we need to move forward, but for whatever reason we don’t have an ability to move forward. So we either fall back into a pattern with our ex repeating negative patterns of behavior, or we move forward repeating those patterns of negativity or destruction with other people.


Anger and resentment is another emotional energy we have trouble letting go of. If you feel wronged in a situation you might be holding onto anger and resentment, this can make you even more anger, and as the old adage goes it can feel like drinking poison but expecting the other person to die.


When we hold onto these people or situations and we don’t release them from our energy sphere they can cause imbalance in our lives, causing us to repeat negative patterns, and basically keeping us stuck in a negative cycle on repeat that we continue to do over and over again.


The good news is there is a way to remove this energy from your existence and it can all be done in the blessings of your own home. Cord cutting is a way you can use meditation and visualization to remove this energy. As we move forward in this life, it’s no wonder we sometimescan have people and situations attach themselves to us. When we use cord cutting on a regular basis we are removing these unhealthy attachments and allowing ourselves to move forward in ways that are positive and helpful for us. Below is how you yourself can use meditation and the cord cutting process to remove negative energy from your existence.


The Tool To Cut – Some people actually use a knife or physical tool to cut the imaginary cords from around themselves. If you are using an actual knife be very careful as you are looking to remove imaginary bonds around you. You do not have to have a physical tool, instead you can get into a meditative state and imagine a imaginary knife cutting the bonds that are shackled to you.


The Cords That Bind – When you are in the meditation state, imagine the person or situation you are trying to remove the bonds from. Look at them and really try to find a sense of inner peace and unconditional love. If you’re finding yourself stuck, try to find compassion for them, think of why they are the way they are and what they might have gone through in their life. Recognize what the person or situation taught you and how you have grown or have raised your vibration from it.


Cutting the Cords – Once you imagine the person or situation standing in front of you, you can imagine a cord that actually ties you to this other person and through meditation imagine yourself cutting this cord and releasing yourself from this person or energy.


Repeat Regularly – It is good after you do this to thank your spirit guides and the universe and repeat this exercise as often as necessary. I practice this on a nightly basis, and sage my space so the energy is fresh and clear in the morning.


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