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5 Books to Read and Manifest What You Want in Life

5 Books updated

One thing I always try to do for my clients is keep up with my spiritual knowledge. Routinely spirit will either recommend a book I should read by either placing it in my mind or having that same title of book come up over and over again either through psychic readings with my clients or in my every day life. Nothing is a coincidence and I find that when I read a book there’s always a connection as book titles are recalled during psychic readings with clients so that I may recommend the information they need from spirit during a particular time in their life, I have 5 books to read and manifest, which I usually recommend to my clients.

Below I have listed 5 books that keep coming up over and over again to help you gain more knowledge and insight into yourself and your manifestation connection.

The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks – This is an older book but a good one as I think this sets the spiritual foundation for law of attraction work. This book along with Esther Hicks’s other books and her YouTube content really gives a good solid foundation for what you really have to do to make law of attraction work and how you might be getting in your own way from the flow of abundance. I routinely revisit these books as a base to really remember how to get into the vortex.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder – This is a book that sits on my night stand as I visit with it regularly. I actually have an exercise that I do where I will sit and meditate and then flip the book to a page and I always find comfort, healing, and answers to whatever I am thinking. It’s another book on the law or topic of manifestation but it’s really great to learn and understand this from the path of prosperity. While it might be dated the concepts are still fresh and inviting and I think these are tools of practice we all need to do to make the world a kinder place and set ourselves up for gratitude exercises that lead to manifesting the life we want.

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay – This author has a great number of books on this subject, the idea that our thoughts manifest things can directly correlate with our health as well. When I read for my clients I refer them to this when we discuss their health issues. Every single time in a reading a health issue can be correlated back to thought. This can either be from past trauma, stress, or something else, but I do believe it is true that disease is dis-ease in the body and this book goes through the many ailments one might have and what type of emotion or connection this can be attributed to in your life.

Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller – This is a relationship book I recommend to all my clients. It discusses relationship attachment styles and how you can be choosing the wrong partners and getting in your own way of finding love. I have recommended this book to clients who shortly after reading it have recognized damaging patterns of choice and partnership to help them overcome insecurities and find the love that they deserve and seek. Many times we have no idea what we might be doing in our lives that can be sabotaging our opportunities for the love we seek. In my psychic readings with clients spirit guides me to what they usually are doing that is getting in their own way of finding love, and this book helps to get them on the right track to see it better with examples and exercises that can be followed.

Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas – This book is a master class in manifesting your soulmate for romantic love. It’s not a book I recommend to all of my clients but just the ones who are really ready to do the work. This is a book that has exercises to help you overcome relationship trauma of the past in terms of not feeling good enough or worthy enough of love and it helps you move towards your future love relationship. This is an intense study and really I only recommend it to my clients who are truly ready to do the soul work they need to do to attract the right partner. It’s not a miracle cure and those of my clients who have read it and have done the work have found great love in their lives, or are in the process of bringing it in as I see during my psychic readings with them.

We all have our own soul work to do on this planet, one thing you should know is you are exactly where you are suppose to be doing the work you are suppose to do, nothing is a mistake it is all part of a perfect plan created by universe even if you aren’t aware or sure of what that plan can be. To talk to me further click here.

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