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4 Ways To Beat Procrastination For Good


Many of my clients want to change their lives for the better. They even know some of the steps they should be taking to do it, the problem is actually taking those steps. When I read for these clients they claim they are procrastinating because they’re just lazy, not good enough, not able to do anything that will work out, don’t feel inspired to change, etc. The list goes on and at the end of the day, I feel these are all reasons we give ourselves to justify what’s really going on. The real problem why many of us procrastinate I think is a lot more complex than just “I’m just lazy” it’s more than that. When I work with my clients we tend to discover that the procrastination usually has started from a deep-rooted past event that has given my client reason to pause as they’re not sure they can achieve and succeed at what they want to do.

Below I’ve given you 4 steps I give to my clients to help them overcome procrastination:

Asking Why – When you start by asking why you delve under the human hood of emotions and psyche to understand the motivator behind your choices, both good and bad. For example, let’s say you want a new job but you’re putting off the steps to find one, start with why and ask yourself, “why am I having a tough time finding a new job?” Don’t force the answers just let them come to you, and write them down. Then ask another question as a follow-up, so if you don’t want to look for a new job because you find it boring, ask yourself why this is boring and what about it is boring? Is it the writing of the resume, are you not good at talking about yourself? Is it the applying, what is the real problem? The more “why” questions you ask the more answers you get the more you can figure out the root of the problem.

Just Try – It might sound too easy but many of those that succeed train themselves to do so, because they try over and over and over again. So try, if, for example, you want to lose weight but can’t foresee yourself on an improved healthy diet for the next month, do it for a day or even just an hour. Start to help your body and mind get used to this slowly. Many of us have an all or nothing approach, but sometimes just trying helps you get used to things, similar to slowly getting into a hot bathtub where you take your time allowing your body to get used to the temperature. If you jump in all at once you might have an unpleasant experience, and if you don’t try at all you’ll never know better, so you have to keep trying.

Finding the Why – A lot of times we procrastinate because we don’t know why we’re really doing what we’re doing, or we’re not sure why we want what we really want. Sure we might want more money, a better dating life, better health, but again the real question is why? The why is going to be very different for every person, and if you can truly find your reason of why, things can improve and you’ll start to sense more motivation come your way.

Manage Procrastination – Too many times in life I think are we impatient, looking for the quickest pill we can swallow or newest fad we can adopt to instantly change our lives. The truth of the matter is most skills in life are learned slowly with patience and practice, overcoming procrastination is a skill you can learn. It will never fully go away, there will be days it comes back but you can learn to manage it, having a plan of attack before it hits will help you manage it and be more productive.

Hopefully, these tips have helped spark some ideas in you on how you can beat procrastination. If not you can always book a session with me if you’re feeling stuck, to learn more CLICK HERE.

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