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I would never share the story of a client, however one of my clients recently requested I write a post about her (odd as it seems). Her story is nothing remarkable or extraordinary, however it is real. It’s the story of a woman who uses psychic to assist her on her life journey, all the while working to develop her own intuition and guiding force.

This client came to me 3 years ago, and she obtains readings from me twice a year.  The first few times I read for her I would illicit the information I received from spirit and deliver this in my “no nonsense” fashion. Each time she would obtain a reading for me she would start off our sessions complaining how things I mentioned never came to pass.

As we probed a little deeper I was able to decipher that in fact she wasn’t really listening to any of the advice at all. She just assumed that as long as I said it it would happen, she never put any time towards doing the actual work to get to the “future”. It is because she stayed the same she wasn’t able to move forward, let me explain further.

There is the “YOU” that is in the here and now, and then there is the future self. These two versions of you are very different, and to get to the other one you need to get out of your own way, and do the work. That means getting out of your comfort zone, working to make things work, and accepting things as they are that cannot change. People change all the time, and just like the butterfly effect the change in people can have the biggest impact on your world.

For example, this same client I mentioned had her lover leave her for an ex-girlfriend several months ago, I saw this ex might be looking to make a reappearance in her life. I told her that if she was to take this person back she would be okay and they could create a life. However, I did also mention several things she should be focusing on to help her build an extraordinary life. I then saw that when this lover comes back she’ll have to choose if she wants to take him back or if she wants to pursue love with someone else.

Months went by and at our next reading the first thing this client mentioned was how wrong I was and how her lover never did reach out to her and how he never came back into her life (but she was dating a new lover so that came true).

As I trust my visions, I knew this might not necessarily be the case so I began to ask her questions in order to understand. I started with “So have you been doing anything different these last few months?” I learned this client began a new exercise routine and has been losing lots of weight, she started to take care of herself more in her person life and worked on her career and finances. The funny thing was that she recently met an amazing man whom she adored and was having a great relationship experience with.

I then asked her, “Well if your ex contacted you right now would you want to be with him?”. She yelled out, “Never, I’m a totally different person now. He wasn’t into exercise or eating well, he was boring never wanted to go out, and he just wouldn’t fit my life right now!”

She made the choice, and just because he didn’t physically manifest back into her life, the moment she decided she deserved better, was the moment that change affected her ex. So in fact she did make a choice, she chose the other suitor without formally making the choice, and that changed everything.

So just because you don’t physically see the changes, doesn’t mean they aren’t there, sometimes the changes we feel the most are the ones we have no idea transpired already.

The next time you get a reading, instead of viewing it as a place where you get told all these amazing things that are to come true, know you are the one that has to make it happen and if you work with your psychic you can truly achieve all that you desire and become the person you are always meant to be.

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