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What It’s Like To Be A Psychic Reader

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When I first take on the task to read for a client, I ask them not to provide me with many details going into the reading. I just ask for their first name and a date of birth if it’s an email reading, and if it’s a phone or online reading I ask for even less and jump right into to. After all, my clients are paying me to provide them with accurate and helpful information, not the other way around. After a reading, I usually get asked the question, what it’s really like to have this “gift” to read for others. I think people would like to believe the process is much more magical than it really is. First off, this “gift” I have I truly believe is encased in all of us. Every single one of us is attached to spirit, but sometimes we just stop listening to that tiny voice. As well, I usually find that many of my clients already have a “gut” feeling or know intuitively what are the best actions for their lives moving forward, sometimes they just need to be reminded of it. To demystify the process of a reading I thought it would be best to go through my process to help you understand what really goes on when I conduct a reading.

First off, I’d say I’m a mix of logical thought and what you would deem as “airy fairy”. I’m all about law of attraction, the power of positivity, and allowing the universe to show up for you when you show up for it. However, I also believe that you get out of life what you put in, and so my readings aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, if spirit needs me to get a message across to my clients to help them wake up out of their negative life patterns to enable more healthy habits, then that’s what the reading is about for that day. I also tell my clients that psychic readings are fluid and based on actions, your actions and the action of others. So if you don’t take certain actions, or others take other actions, what is read for you at the time of a reading might turn out differently in future. I always try to make it my goal to provide action-oriented readings so my clients can immediately start to see positive changes come into their lives.

My reading ritual is quite simple. I’m a big sage smudger and will always sage my home before and after each reading with a pray I’ve developed and used for years. I then meditate to get into the “zone” and I always play a bit of calming music to help me stay focused. Once I start a reading for someone I use my tarot cards and begin to draw out cards for my clients that I feel energy radiating from. It is usually at this stage that I start to get physical feelings attached to the person. Sometimes I get health ailments, such as a headache if the person is experiencing more headaches recently, or I sometimes will feel anxious or scared if this is where the person is at. Other times I just feel content because the person I am reading for is in this space. The feelings help to guide me into the person’s psyche so I can deliver the information they need. Afterwards of this, I am usually flooded with images I see in my mind’s eye, and feelings and thoughts that just spew out of my mouth to my client. I’ll usually get a few sentences of information out and just ask for a simple yes or no to make sure the information is relating with my client, and then we keep going.

These images and feelings keep going till all the information spirit wants me to deliver is given, it sort of feels like I’m running a race and I don’t stop till I cross the finish line. Once this information is out there and there is no more information that my client needs to know I have a sense of completion or relaxation. At this time I usually ask my client if there are any follow up questions, sometimes there are, and sometimes we’ve covered all their questions during the reading.

I always let clients know that if something didn’t come up during the initial reading, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important, it just means the other information was information my client had to know, and the rest of the questions are important, but spirit wants to be sure of where priorities should lie with a client I read for.

Usually after each reading I like to ensure my client’s have an action plan to follow through on and begin to do their work. A lot of my clients liken my readings to meeting up with their best friend, a person who knows them better than they know themselves, and who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Readings are meant to give you that clarity and boost of hope and inspiration to continue forward in your life placing one positive foot in front of the other. It is for that reason that you should choose your reader carefully. There are enough psychics for each person out there, and you should always work with a reader who advises you positively, and helps you feel good about yourself and the reading. Most importantly your reader and a reading should help inspire you to positive action so you are able to move forward and improve your life.

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