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Using Prayer To Help Manifest Your Desires


In my client readings I usually suggest the idea of prayer. Prayer has forever been associated with organized religion, however when I mention prayer, I want to use it as a way to connect with source and universe to help you get the information you need and remove blockages that are stopping you from being your highest and truest form of self.

In this blog below I’m going to lay out a few suggestions for how to use prayer (non-religiously) in a way to connect with source. If you do follow a form of religion that uses prayer that is great too, and my hope is these tips will also help you connect to your faith in a stronger way.

Why Should I Pray – Just the sheer act of talking out your problems or pin pointing and naming exactly what it is that is going on in your world can help you feel better about it. When we talk or think out problems in a very logical and formatted manner, it allows us to really hone in on what the real issue is and get out of our feelings and our heads to be able to solve the problem in an effective manner. So when you are getting ready to pray start by trying to find a place where you can be alone and not disturbed. This can be your bedroom, the bathroom, the shower, even outside in nature. It’s better if you can talk out loud as you pray, but if that’s not comfortable for you, feel free to think your prayers in your head. You can put your hands together and pray on your knees by your bedside, but that is not a necessity. You can also pray with your hands beside you or clamped in your lap, it is again what feels comfortable for you.

How Do I Pray – Looking at the tips above, you’ll want to start with who to pray to. There is no certain being or type of God you should pray to, again this is your practice so it’s a matter of what makes sense for you. When I do my prayers I address spirit and universe, I will say “Dear spirits who guide me and universe I am seeking your loving guidance…” There are many ways to start, again it’s about what feels comfortable for you. If there is a loved one that is no longer on this earthly-level with us you can pray to them. You can pray to anything and everything it all comes from source and returns to source so your prayers will be answered.

What Should I Pray For – You need not be concerned and think that a prayer is too big or too small. It is very personal what you pray for, the idea once again is to uncover the healing guidance of universe and follow the signs. When I pray I start off by listing what I am thankful for and what universe has already given me. Then I ask about a specific situation and request guidance, but moreso the important part is for spirit to help me get out of my own way and see how my actions can be better suited to help the problem and how they I can grow as a spiritual being on this planet from the problem or situation. This is the most important part of prayer, because we are the main denominators in any issue in our lives. Whether it’s our perception or ego, no matter what we can’t change others or situations outside of us, but we can turn inward to heal ourselves, and that then extends outwards to change others and outwardly situations.

How Do I Know It’s Working – You’ll get signs from the universe, I tell my clients to start with prayer and watch for the answers. Your job is not to know how or who is going to bring you this healing guidance, your job is to move forward and gain the healing guidance and recognize it when it crosses your path. So be on extra alert when you pray as you might run into someone or get a phone call from someone that has to do directly or indirectly with the situation. Maybe you’ll read something, or a movie on Netflix will catch your eye. None of these are coincidences and they should all be taken into account to help you receive the healing messages universe is trying to show and give you.

Prayer is not a magical solution, it’s another tool or resource you can use to help you connect to spirit and universe. So learn to be patient with yourself as you learn this new resource. If you can do that you’ll be happy and impressed with the results it will provide for you.

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