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Everyone wants more money. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever met a client that has not asked me one single question about money during their reading. Money gets a bad rap in our society as we place far too much importance on the having of it instead of the using of it.

Money is meant to be a tool to help you achieve things you want to achieve, and help those you want to help. It does not make you happy, rather just the having of money won’t help you feel better. There are many stories of people who have tons of money saved in bank accounts all over the world, they should be the happiest people in the world, yet they aren’t.

So the easiest way to earn money start with not just having it but how you achieve it. Working very hard at a job you hate to make the money will not help you feel better about your situation. Rather having a plan for finding the easiest way to earn money and then use that money will help you achieve overall financial and spiritual success. Below are ways to help you find the easiest path to financial wealth.

Your Money Relationship – Those of my clients that are always focused on their lack of money usually continue to play this guitar string vibe of lack of money and always get more of it. That’s why it is very important to examine your relationship with money. During my coaching and reading sessions with my clients I always find that their money relationship beliefs sprang from very early in life and was almost completely formed by how their parents and community viewed money. How your childhood was you have absolutely no power to change, yet how you view your future and the actions you take now can be changed moment to moment. First thing I encourage is to educate yourself on money if you aren’t familiar. Learn from wealth experts, read great books about those who accumulated large sums of money learn from them. These stories soon take root to form your new money habits which help bring money to you. These stories can illustrate that people find many ways to make money and have money earned, and the ones that seek to understand their relationship with money and convert this from a negative to a positive can then achieve easy paths to making more and more money.

Your Money Mindset – Knowing your history with money can allow you to break free of old patterns and mindsets to adopt better ones. How do you interact with money? When you spend it do you feel good or bad? This is the first step to your money health. What you want to do is get to a place where you view money simply as a process, one where money comes in and goes out, and the balance in your bank account doesn’t determine you as a person, but instead is a tool for how you can curtail or beef up certain actions depending on if you are happy with your money results. Working on this mindset can help with ease of money flow. It allows you to be easy with money especially in the spending of it. If you can spend money being confident that there’s always more where that comes from spending money will be fun and easy, and funny enough when we truly are in this place for every dollar we spend, these dollars do seem to find their way back to us and they bring their friends.

Your Money Future – This one is the important one and the one I try to focus on most with my clients. Money and the making and having it should be easy. That doesn’t mean you won’t be working to get this money, but it means the process of having money come to you will be so energizing that you’ll love the work you do to obtain money. As well the money to spend, donate, and invest will feel like a game where you can always do more and achieve more which will lead to results of you feeling good and achieving. The reason we want money and what it buys is that we want to feel like we are achieving in life and always going up and getting better. If you can focus on getting this feeling of achievement just by learning to be better at your money “game” you’ll find this easy feeling will translate into finding better ways to earn more money.

If you are having issues with money and your relationship with money I have conducted many readings with my clients that focus solely on their money energy and clearing and cleaning this energy vibration.

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