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The 7 L’s

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I’ve been working with more clients lately who want to learn to adapt to the energies of life as they happen, while trying not to control everything around them (as this idea of control in life is futile). While doing this work I’ve been meditating with my spirit guides asking them to help me craft a message of how to start this process within ones self. I soon found myself typing the 7 L’s  and I know in my heart these lessons can be the blueprint for how to navigate self in this chaotic world so that we may find inner peace that can lead to outer peace as well.


Live – Live life everyday focused on the moment. Be grateful for what you have in this life, while being hopeful for a future you believe in and have faith in. Remember to live each day fully experiencing all life gives you on that day and take it all in.


Love – Love as much as you can. Love your family, your partner, pets, children, your neighbours, etc. Then try to love outwardly and feel love for those you don’t know say the banking teller you converse with or the grocery clerk bagging your groceries. Then try to have love for those that are the hardest to love those that cause us strife, grieve, annoyance, etc. These people are the ones that need it the most and while they never have to know you are loving them, the energy transmitted by the thoughts and prayers you provide them will vibrate throughout the world.


Laugh – Laugh at everything you can. From funny moments or jokes, to mistakes you make. Laughing and humor is a key to living a rich and full life. Making time to laugh at something funny your child does or curling up on the couch watching a funny movie lifts the spirits and allows us to move through life easier, so always return to laughter.


Learn – Everyday make the effort to learn. Learn from family, co-workers, friends, situations, etc. Learning is what makes society amazing and innovative reaching new heights in our technologies and developments. Wake up every morning with a curious mind, because a curious mind will not only fill itself with knowledge but can change the world with that knowledge it acquires.


Listen – Be there to listen, as listening is the most important skill anyone can acquire. By being someone who can listen you will make yourself more valuable to others who will want to converse with you, and you will learn new things which allow you to provide others with valuable as well. So listen more than you speak and learn to truly listen as this is an art too many of us have lost.


Lead – Being a leader doesn’t mean you need to take charge and make people follow you. It means you always have the best intent for everyone involved at all times. You respect others and doing so means they respect you. You also might be afraid of certain situations or outcomes, but you are confident enough in yourself and spirit to know that you just need to move forward making one decision at a time in the best way you can with the information you have.


Lucky – We all have luck on our side, being lucky doesn’t mean winning the lottery it means we are all connected to source, and working with source to find want we want to do and what we are passionate about will afford you more and more luck. Law of attraction works with your thoughts and if you are confident in what you want and do not waiver, when inspired action takes hold and you follow it with everything in your being you will see luck spring up all around you, so work hard to produce as much luck as you can.

Follow this diet, along with regular physical exercise and mental stimulation and you’re on your way to happy, healthy, and productive life.

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