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Real-Life Success Stories – How Psychic Readings Change Lives

One thing I always find fascinating is how spirit and universe work. I am so lucky that many of my clients choose to stay in touch with me and update me to let me know how a psychic reading as helped and healed them. I thought it might be a good idea to share (with their permission of course) some of these success stories so you too can see how a psychic reading can be used to help you when you are struggling in certain areas of your life.


Finding Love Against All Odds


Tina story is one of love found when she least expected it. Tina came to me after her most recent break-up. Understandably upset she wanted to know why this kept happening to her and if she was just meant or destined to be alone forever. When I conducted her psychic session I saw that she constantly went after men that were unavailable to her. She would fight to keep these men in her life knowing on some level they were unhealthy for her, but that didn’t matter because she wanted to prove to herself she could have them. 

During our reading I discussed this with her, we went through her past trauma, and I brought up very specific examples spirit showed me of events where she did not listen to universe and her gut intuition. We even discussed her past lives a bit and how in a few of these failed romantic connections she was repeating karma of the past and not healing or hearing the spirit messages to move forward.

I was able to see a wonderful man who would be a great fit for her and would help her to have the family she always wanted, but he couldn’t come into her sphere energetically till she healed these wounds and was ready. I gave her a description where I said to her he was really good at fixing things with his hands but now uses his brain to do that, and gave her some physical features I saw of how he looked, and we left the reading with me giving her the homework she needed to move forward and heal.

I got an email from her about 6 months later where Tina told me everything I had said came true. She was very grateful for the reading, and did the homework as we discussed, she was so excited to just work on herself, she forgot about dating or trying to find “the one”. She was enjoying herself one night at a friend’s birthday party when one of her other friends introduced her to their cousin who recently moved into town. She didn’t realize it until a few months later when they had started dating and were in a relationship, but she told me everything I said about this person was true, down to the detail that he works in robotics, and as a kid he used to take things apart and put them back together with his hands, but now he programs robots to do this.

From a Job She Hated to a Career She Loves


Diana first came to seek a psychic reading from me because she felt stuck. She didn’t like her job, she sort of just got it temporarily but now she felt stuck doing it with no way out and no other prospects. She originally came to me wanting to know her true life’s purpose. During our psychic session one thing I saw is that she was already afraid to try and go for and do the things she wanted to do for fear of failure. I saw that in the past during her formative growing up years she grew up with a very critical mother who would always criticize her for anything she failed at or did wrong, so she in a sense stopped trying and only accepted things if she knew there was no chance for failure. 

During our reading I saw that she was very creatively talented, and I mentioned certain drawings and things she created for others as a child that she just loved to do. I also saw she wanted to go back to school to study more. She mentioned she wanted to go back to school to study art history, but felt this would be stupid and silly and that she could fail. I saw that spirit was agreeing with this nudge and did want her to pursue her dream to go to school and become part of the art world. I told Diana it wouldn’t be easy but she could achieve this if she worked hard and got over the fear of criticism from others. 

About a year or so later I did another psychic reading for her, but now I saw she was in a different geographical area of the world. She told me she was in Germany, and she saw our reading as a wake up call. It really forced her to think about her life and the life she wants to lead. She took her savings, applied, and got into an art history masters program in Germany. She is loving it and already is looking at options on where can work after she finishes her education.

These stories are just a couple of examples of the emails and correspondence I get regularly from clients who share how spirit helped them with messages of hope and healing so they could rise above their current circumstances to achieve their goals and dreams in this lifetime.

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