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Phone Psychic Readings Vs. In Person Psychic Readings

Phone Psychic Readings

As a psychic and intuitive reader for clients all over the world, I get a lot of questions regarding what’s the real difference between an in person or online/phone reading. With the aid of tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, and the phone I am able to read for my clients in different time zones, at a time that is convenient for them. A lot of my first time clients can be skeptical as to if a phone or online reading is for them. I thought it would be helpful to explain my psychic reading process and the difference between the two different kinds of readings.

In Person Readings:

I used to attend psychic fairs and for a while and I did read at shops where those that are interested in the spiritual could come and find me. It was great meeting new people, but I often found with so many people around the energy between clients was hard to manage. Most people like the idea of in person psychic readings because they like to meet the person who is reading for them, and feeling the energy from that psychic reader. As well a lot of times part of tarot readings involve people choosing their own cards. For me the process is a bit different. When I read for people I do feel their energy, it’s as if you’ve known someone for years, so you get the impression of who they are even if just meeting for the first time. In order to get information from spirit I place the tarot cards in front of me and feel the heat from the cards that I select for my clients. While in person readings are good to gain energy from my clients, in all honesty sometimes I found I wasn’t as good of a reader because I can sometimes edit the information received based on the appearance of someone. So if I was receiving information from spirit but I didn’t think it could relate to the person I was reading for I sometimes doubted the information that came through. Also the hours of the fairs and the in person time slots didn’t really afford me the amount of time needed to read for everyone, so it took longer for people to book readings with me. This led me to pursue the idea of if I could read for people online or by phone.

Online/Phone Readings:

I dedicated a space in my home just for readings. I set up a computer, voice recording tools, comfortable chair, and decided to see if I could read for clients online. I wasn’t so sure I could produce a good reading but I tried. My first reading experience was actually really great. I loved being able to read for my client but also being in my quiet space allowed me to really focus on the energy of my clients, and I found my accuracy improved incredibly. Next, I had phone readings for my clients and again I was able to read for them very well, especially not having any visual cues I was really just able to focus on energy being given from spirit. I found with the availability to read from home I could produce an even more accruate and better reading experience while also allowing my clients to relax and enjoy the reading in their own space. I was also then able to provide more time dedicated to readings, and could afford to read for clients at odd hours (some wanted very early morning readings, and others needed late evening readings). This made me feel good that I was able to be so flexible for my clients.

So in my professional opinion whether it’s in person, by phone, or online the accuracy doesn’t change. If you are looking for a psychic reader, find one you can connect with and whose energy you feel is a good fit for you. Your reading should make you feel uplifted, hopeful, and with a new plan on how you can use the information immediately to improve your life. 

If you’re still curious as to what a reading experience is like with me, read about others experience here. You can more information by click here.

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