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Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions and Keeping Them

happy new year

The new year is always a busy time for an intuitive reader and psychic, this is the time everyone wants to know what’s in their future and how to achieve their goals. While I can’t say what’s in your future specifically (without giving you an actual reading), what I can do is share with you some of the advice spirit gives me to help my clients achieve their resolutions and goals. Below are the top resolutions made and how to go about keeping them.


1. Lose Weight Look Great – Many people wish to lose weight but a lot of the time they focus on the wrong elements that contribute to weight loss. We all know eating right and exercising is what makes for a healthy body, but sometimes it can be really hard to actually do this. This is usually because there is a deeper issue at hand that is keeping you from losing the weight. When I discuss with clients how to achieve this goal one thing I do tell them is to start small and go long. What I mean is instead of having a huge goal like lose 30 lbs in a month, instead go with something small and immediately gratifying such as take a walk or find another exercise you like. It’s really funny how small changes can lead to big ones and eventually you’ll start to achieve  more and more in your life, not only in regard to weight loss but in other aspects of your life as well.


2. Get a New Job/Start a Business – Making money is always a top priority for just about everyone. So naturally one way to do this is to get a new job or start a business. One thing I always caution clients about is trying to “get rich quick”.  A lot of people think they can just open a business or apply for a new job and everything will be good. Making money and being upset with your current job or prospects is usually more deep rooted than it may seem. For each of my clients this can be because of something different, but what I do suggest is that you go slow. Making decisions out of fear or anger or frustration is never a good idea. I always caution clients to make decisions when you are calm and in a place to logically see the good or bad (use the pros and cons list to help with that). Once you know the risk and rewards to any new financial venture you seek to make, you can take on the rewards but also the strain that might be required for you to be able to get that new job or start that business.


3. No Fear  – Many people do the same things over and expect different results. Why do people do this? Mainly because they are afraid. You can be afraid even of good outcomes such as promotions, or other good things. Why? If something changes in your life or you do something you are afraid of your life will change, good or bad and sometimes you don’t know which one it’ll be. When I consult with my clients I always try to caution them against allowing fear to infiltrate their lives. One tip I recommend I heard from the motivational fear stopping guru himself, Tony Robbins.  He suggests something call the “rocking chair” test. Imagine yourself sitting in a rocking chair at eighty years old. Imagine you aren’t doing the thing you are afraid of how  that would feel? Usually my clients find just this thought alone actually puts enough fear in them to do the exact thing they are afraid to do.


4. New Hobbies – Taking a new course or learning something new is always a good thing no one can argue this. This can be compounded by the fact that if you engage in new and exciting things your brain is going to thank you. Research shows new learning helps us form new connections in our brain. That being said, sometimes when my clients are struggling with coming up with solutions to certain areas in their life I suggest they learn a new hobby. In my readings I’m usually able to help point them to a hobby or course they should be focusing on to help move them forward in life and not be stuck (even if it seems completely unrelated to their life issues). The funny thing is while we are fully engrossed and engaged in a hobby our brains still work on our life problems, and usually find the answer or solve the problem we’ve been struggling with. Try this in your life and see what discoveries you can make.  


5. Find Love – We all want love in our lives, so the best thing you can do to seek this is start a good relationship with yourself. The new year is a great time to reflect on what you want out of life, what you want out of someone else, and what kind of relationship you want. Write it down, I always say to my clients writing something down makes it one step closer to being true. For whatever reason writing something down helps crystalize exactly what we want. Next start a loving relationship with yourself. Treat yourself exactly how you want someone to treat you. The good thing about doing this is that it will either help you meet the love of your life, or be good exactly where you are. By doing this you send better vibrations into the universe to show how you should be treated by someone which can help move along those love vibrations to help you connect to the right person.


These are just a few of the major resolutions we all face make. No matter what situation or resolutions you’ve made, the best thing you can do in the new year is taking things easy being kind to yourself and others, and living life one day at a time. Let go of any expectations you have out of yourself and life, and instead just be in the moment. By doing so you’ll enjoy this year much better than last.


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