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Mastering the Energy of Money

We all know that we need money in our lives. Money is what allows us to have security and comfort and helps to solve a lot of problems. The one difference I have always seen from those that have an abundance of money to those where money is scarce has to do with the energy of money. Money holds energy, and if you are in tune with the positive nature of that energy you can bring it to you in great amounts. However, if you not in alignment with this energy, it can be something you can chase without even recognizing the reason why money is not attracting to you.

The Transformative Power of Money

One thing that can help  you uncover the right energy of money is to learn the transformative power it has. When you look at how you grew up and what your thoughts and feeling around money were then and what was imprinted on your from your parents and society this will show you where you are at with your energy of money. But if you can look at the transformative power it has and if you are open to re-learning your energy with money from what it was to transform it to what it can be, this is one of the first steps to help improve the energy you have with money and draw more of this energy to you.

Unveiling the Hidden Landscape of Money

At the core of  this understanding that our relationship with money extends far beyond mere transactions and investments. It is deeply intertwined with our beliefs, patterns, and habits, which often operate subconsciously, shaping our financial decisions and outcomes in profound ways. One thing you want to do is face your fear of the path you have been on with money. A lot of people don’t even realize their true thoughts and feelings towards money, they don’t realize what they say about money matters. So for example, if money was a person how would you describe your relationship with this person? This is a good way to start to find out what your hidden relationship is with money.

Taming the Dragons of Driven Behavior

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us find ourselves caught in the relentless cycle of “driven behavior” and “busyholism,” constantly chasing after external markers of success while neglecting our inner well-being. This means  you need to re-think your whole being with money. Think about how you spend money, how you value money, what you do with money. It’s so much more than just thinking about the external validation money provides, but it means really thinking about how you value money on a daily basis. For example, how organized are  you with your finances? One way to respect money is to manage money. If you can’t manage the money you already have this shows you the energy you already hold with money and it gives clues of things you can change.

Defusing Fears and Embracing Paradox

One of the most profound insights of this topic is the recognition that our fears surrounding deprivation and scarcity often stem from deep-rooted beliefs and emotional wounds.  We again might know this on the surface, yet there is usually so much more to this than one can even know on the surface level. Sometimes money relationships can also transcend past lives as well, and sometimes the money beliefs you hold are not even  yours or not even taught to you, they can come from past lives where you experienced a certain type of energy with money, and being aware of this, and knowing more about this can help you release this energy around it, so  you can develop a new energy towards money that is healthy and helpful.

Consciously Focusing Your Money Energy

When you know the energy you have with money you can re-align it and refocus it. This principle requires you to align your financial goals and actions with core values, life intentions, and personal standards of integrity. One way you can do this is think about what you would do in your life if money wasn’t a factor or if money sincerely didn’t exist. I like to ask the question, what would I ask for if I knew the answer would be YES? When you are able to tap into what you truly want in your life in terms of your core values, your purpose and your why then you realize money is not a hindrance to getting what you want, and many times you can even see how the things you think you want that require money you might not even truly want or need, but you feel it is a way to control money and the energy of it and how it makes you feel in this life.

Clearing the Path to Abundance

One of the most empowering aspects of this kind of work is its emphasis on clearing the path to abundance. Our journey towards financial well-being is often hindered by internal blockages and external obstacles, which can manifest as self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting beliefs, or even resistance from others. When you start to really look at the energy of money and redefine your energy to money things start to happen. Situations start to come about to help you get more clear about money. This can mean that certain people in your life that might be stopping you from the abundance you seek suddenly exit your life, or opportunities start to come your way. Remember, all of this is energy-related, so you change your energy and the energy around you changes.

Cultivating Financial Resilience

In the ever-changing landscape of financial markets and economic conditions, cultivating resilience is paramount. History repeats itself, and the issues and unstableness we feel now in the world is not new. It has happened all throughout time, the question is if we learn the lessons from the past. The energy of money is finite and it is something that can be learned, so learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable and having tough conversations with yourself and others about money is the key to be able to show money the respect it deserves to attract it to you.

The Path to Financial and Personal Fulfillment

If you are ready to take the next steps to truly and completely change your relationship with money, the time is now. The first step is to be open to the fact that if you aren’t happy with where you are with money and if you are not happy with how money has shown up in your life it’s time to change that. Look at your relationship with money as an employee that works for your business. If they are helpful to the team, provide good energy and ideas for the business and respect you as a leader you keep them. In return to have employees that perform like this they need to respect you as a leader. And a respectful leader is one that shows up, is respectful with time and resources for the team and business, and earns the respect of the team. The same is with money, money will respect you if you respect it. Once you do that the possibilities are infinite in terms of how your relationship with money can change for the better to help you achieve your true dreams.

If you are still stuck with your relationship with money and the energy to release around it, you can book a reading HERE.

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