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Learning To Understand Your Emotions


Understanding your emotions are key to helping you live a complete life and this is a big part of being a happy and healthy human. I will say I find it interesting when I’m reading for a client and so many times they feel the core emotions in them that are negatively impacting their abilities, but they have trouble identifying them and letting them go to help move them in a positive direction. In this post I want to help you understand your emotions and provide you with the same information I give to my clients to help them release the negativity of these emotions to help transform your life.

Identifying the Emotion – You might have many different situations that trigger different emotions but when I deal with clients there are usually core emotions that come up. These emotions are usually sadness, fear, anger, and others. The main reasons these emotions can come up is because there is a conflict of acceptance of these emotions in our own soul. This then leads to us feeling anxious, shame, and guilt. If we don’t identify these emotions correctly, and get to the root of where they come from it can be tough then to move forward. In my experience as a psychic when I read for clients and these core emotions comes up, a lot of the time my clients don’t even know what it is linked to and why they feel this but find themselves in similar situations over and over again. So the first step is to become more mindful and when you feel these emotions just to recognize that they are there and learn to name them is the first step.

Connecting The Emotion – As I mentioned when I read for clients I usually will feel the overwhelming feelings that come from my clients. If they are angry about a situation or are going through a lot of fear about a situation I feel this. One thing that is interesting is because we don’t like to feel these feelings or emotions many of us just push it down or try to numb or get over the feeling through distractions. When I read for clients I usually can bring up the situations or the reasons as to why they are feeling these emotions, the hard work really starts though not only when you can connect the emotions to situations and trauma of the past, but when you can start to step out of yourself and realize that the emotion is not you It’s usually connected to a past traumatic event and it’s actually being brought up or brought to you in many different current situations to help you heal from this and use the energy more positively in your life moving forward.

Using the Emotion – In my experience much of what we feel is connected to shame and guilt. Shame that we are disappointments or will disappoint others, and guilt that we are not good enough just as we are and we should be better. When my clients can separate themselves from the emotions to understand that are not hate, fear, anger, or sadness, and instead that they might just be feeling these emotions it allows us to work on using the emotions for soul’s healing to make positive steps forward. So when I do a reading for a client and these emotions present strong and heavy within them, spirit has a way of knowing exactly what they need and why this emotion is there. The objective to is to identify what triggers these emotions are attached to, what we need to learn from this, and then once the lessons are learned the experience becomes more positive as it’s almost like a problem that the body has solved to make the mind feel more at peace.

I hope this helps you, I will admit and say that when I read for others dealing with intense emotions I do always recommend that it might be helpful to speak with a qualified mental health expert. One thing to be aware of is that you are not alone in feeling these emotions we all feel them and we all need help from each other and to lean on each other for support.

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